Danielle Adams Answers the Mailbag

Doris from Killeen
What and who influenced you to play basketball? Who are your favorite basketball players?

Danielle Adams: My family influenced me. My dad played high school basketball and had a season ending injury his senior season and lost his scholarships. Also God blessed me with the talent and putting in the hard work.

I looked up to Lisa Leslie a lot as well as Michael Jordan and a lot of NBA stars. I looked up to Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, but everyone always compared me to Charles Barkley and that's who influenced me most. I watched a lot of tape on him and his game definitely influenced me.

Adrian from Sacramento
Why did you always wear number 23?

DA: I chose 23 when I was in junior college. My original number was 21 and I couldn't grab that so I just stuck out with number 23. It's been successful since junior college and I'm happy with it, so I'm going to stick with it.

Steve Elliott from San Antonio
How has the transition from college to pro been going, especially with such a short time in between the two?

DA: It was tough at first just with the physicality. I definitely had to adjust to that but after that it's been going pretty smooth. There are still a few bumps in the road but Becky and Sophia and our other players are really helping me out.

Monique Martinez from Jourdanton, Texas
What words of encouragement would you give a young girl that is striving to be all she can be on the court but is extremely critical on herself?

DA: Just never give up. You can't doubt yourself just keep working hard and don't give up. I criticize myself a lot but I just kept going at it and kept working hard and staying in the gym and better myself. I always had family there supporting me and my coaching staff, but you just have to keep working hard.

Bertha De La Cruz from San Antonio
When your shot isn't hitting what do you think about once you’re on the bench to get you going again once you re-enter the game?

DA: I just want to take it inside. Take the ball inside and try to score and do my damage there. If that get's going then I'll step back out and take a few jumpshots. If it's still not falling then just keep it inside.

Adrian Jones from San Antonio
How do you like playing ball with Becky and Sophia? Do you think you could be the rookie of the year with the status you have and the Silver Stars?

DA: Becky and Sophia are amazing people on the court and off. I enjoy playing with them, they are my role models and really help me get use to the game.

I think I can win rookie of the year if I keep working hard because I know my teammates will be there to back me up.

Karlo Garcia from Melbourne, Australia
What are your expectations for this season for the team and you. What's it like playing near your college program.

DA: I don't have any expectations for myself. I just want us as a team to win the Western Conference and then bring a championship back to San Antonio, that's all I want. Just to do it with this group would be an amazing thing. We work really hard and our team chemistry is great, we're just there for each other.

It's great being close to school, it's like a home away from home. I had some of the coaches come down and it's a good feeling to have that support. I have a lot of friends and some of them I call family. It's great to only be three hours away.

Marilyn from San Antonio
Were you happy to be selected by a team in Texas where there are so many Aggie fans who know you?

DA: I was very excited just to hear my name called, but then by San Antonio I was very excited to come play here. I knew it was close to home so it was a great thing.

Selina from Bryan, Texas
So now that your San Antonio do you miss College Station yet? And if you do what do you miss the most?

DA: Sometimes I do, but I know this is my job now and my new home. It's not too far away for me to go visit but I'm enjoying San Antonio right now.

I miss my friends the most and the fans back there. But the fans here in San Antonio are great too, I don't know what I'd do without them. I'm enjoying this crowd and it's loud every game and we appreciate that.