Silver Stars Weigh in on Female Athletic Role Models

In honor of National Girls and Women in Sports Day, we had some of our Silver Stars weigh in on the females who influenced their athletic careers.

Jayne Appel

The woman that influenced me to play sports would have to be my Mom. She was always my biggest cheerleader on the sidelines and made every sporting event of mine that she could. She also was a person that pushed me to be competitive and tough by encouraging me to play with my older, bigger, faster, and stronger brothers when I was little. My mom had a rule, "no blood-no foul"... forcing me to play hard and smart while learning tactics of different sports against people who may have been better than me. My mother has and always will be one of my biggest supports and reasons that I fell in love with this game. She continues to tell me to smile and enjoy the game, and helped me become the player and person I am today.

Ziomara Morrison

My primary influence has been my mom, she is the most important person in my life. I come from Chile where basketball is looked as a hobby not as a professional sport, so I had to go to Italy at a very young age, and she has always been supporting me in all my decisions and giving me the strength to move forward and to always try to work hard and get better.

Sophia Young

God has blessed me and placed numerous influential women in my life. Not women who are well known or great athletes but ordinary women. Women who have thought me the ins and outs of life and made me the woman that I am today. I cannot simply pinpoint one because my life has been a tremendous journey where these women have impacted me when they were supposed to. The one thing and by far the greatest lesson that all these women have taught me is to live for Jesus no matter what. He will never leave me even when others do. And that's the most special gift they could have given me. I would not choose to be influenced by any other women.

Shenise Johnson

The most influential person in my life is my mother Michelle Reeves. Her ability to make a way out of what seems like no way at all and do it all with a smile on her face is what I admire most. She has shown me and even more times preached to me about being a woman of my word and of great character. “What kind of woman do you want to be?” Those words echo in my mind til this day. Strength is what she displayed but love is what she spread – she made our household exactly that. Basketball is the perfect platform to display strength and spread love, but it won’t keep me there, my character will. I am grateful to have a woman like this as my mother. I appreciate and love her.

Jia Perkins

The woman who had most inspired me is my mother.  She was my basketball coach at a young age and taught me the importance of team ball.  She wasn't one of the coaches who told my teammates just to give me the ball, she wanted me to learn how to get others involved and how to make the people around me better. The funny thing about that is that she hasn’t played a lick of basketball in her entire life, unless you count playing horse with me outside. I credit her for helping develop me into the player and the woman I am today. I love you ma!

Danielle Robinson

There are a couple people that have influenced me to pursue my athletic career:

1) My mother. Without a doubt she has been my backbone and my support system. She has been there through the good days and bad days, but has pushed me to be the best regardless. She didn't have these same opportunities (WNBA, playing overseas, etc.) when she played so I feel it's my obligation to be the best version of me because I am afforded these opportunities. 
2) Coach Coale. We developed such an amazing relationship during my time at OU and she believed in me and made me better not only as a player, but as a person. She knew my dreams and aspirations coming in and helped me achieve them by being successful throughout my 4 years and reaching the pro level. 
3) My teammates/former players. Don't know if this counts but, my teammates in high school and college really influenced me. They pushed me every day in practice and made me better by not making it easy for me. They saw something in me and always told me to keep striving to be a better leader and player and I do this for all of them, especially those who didn't have the opportunity to continue playing. Also, all the former players at Archbishop Mitty and OU who laid the foundation for me and my teammates. It's always special to uphold a very special tradition and I had that at both the high school and college level.