Bevilaqua Raises Money for Humane Society

Silver Stars guard Tully Bevilaqua is staying in shape this offseason while helping people in the Indianapolis area do the same. Along with co-owner Lindsay Bevilaqua has started Gym41, a personal training and fitness oriented gym.

“Our vision for Gym41 is to put the fun back in fitness,” Bevilaqua said. “Our goal was to create an environment, with no mirrors, where people of all ages and fitness levels feel comfortable working out.” With no treadmills, Gym41 utilizes non-traditional fitness equipment – including battle ropes, tractor tires and concrete jugs – to help its clients get in shape. Gym41 offers indoor boot camps – which run at least twice per day – as well as personal training sessions catering to individuals and groups of two to four people.

Gym41 is currently open for personal training – including sessions with ACT Certified personal trainer Bevilaqua – while boot camp sessions begin the week of Oct. 31.

The Gym41 team conceptualized the idea for a personal training and fitness business during the 2011 season and utilized the advice and knowledge of Silver Stars trainer Tonya Holley and strength and conditioning coach Chrissy Stragisher to help craft workouts and design Gym41’s boot camp.

“Tully has a great enthusiasm for helping people to improve their overall fitness,” Stragisher said. “She has worked with so many fitness professionals during her basketball career that she has the knowledge to succeed at her craft. As an athlete she loves putting in time in the weight room, easily and willingly grasping new concepts and techniques.”

Following the conclusion of the season, the Gym41 team returned home to Indiana and put their plans into action, purchasing equipment and building space in Northwest Indianapolis. After getting things setup, Gym41 officially opened for personal training sessions on Monday, Oct. 17.

Prior to kicking off Gym41 boot camp sessions, Bevilaqua hosted a pair of Hoops for Hounds basketball camps in Indianapolis on October 22. The Hoops for Hounds clinics benefited The Humane Society of Indianapolis as individuals who brought 10 items – such as dog food and kitty litter –received free camp admission.

“Being an animal lover and owner it saddens me to see homeless and mistreated furry children,” Bevilaqua – who owns two dogs and a cat – said. “I feel I can use my profile in the Indianapolis community to raise funds and food to benefit The Humane Society.”

Bevilaqua’s Hoops and Hounds camps raised more than $150 for the Humane Society along with 48 rolls of paper towels, 32 gallons of bleach and more than 145 cans of food.

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