Sparks Court Renovation - New Season, New Look

The Sparks are launching a project to completely revamp their basketball floor at STAPLES Center for the 2013 Sparks season.

Updates Include:

  • Refurbishing the court
  • A brand new design
  • Fresh coat of paint and a polished finish

Keep track of the redesign progress here:

04/09/2013: A fresh coat of paint! Just some more finishing touches and the court will be ready for the 2013 season.

04/04/2013: Painting has begun. Tape was put down to mask off the different logos and text on the court. Paint is applied and the tape is peeled off. Process repeats for all the different colors.

03/22/2013: The court was assembled and inspected on last time before the sanding process began. Large riding floor sanding equipment was used to completely sand down the court in preparation of our new look court.

03/04/2013: The court has been unloaded from the tuck and each panel is being inspected and repaired before the sanding, painting, and finishing processes begin.

01/31/2013: The Sparks basketball court is loaded up on the flatbed truck and secured down for transport from STAPLES Center to Dollar Bay, Michigan.