Kristi SparkKemistry

They travel together, play together and win together! They know their teammates well and have built a solid bond that electrifies the Sparks chemistry! thought it would be fun to test that chemistry and show fans the playful, fun side of players. It's easy to see that these teammates are as passionate about the game as they are about each other; they have

Each week we’ll ask two players fun questions to test their knowledge about their Sparks teammates!

We tip-off the SparKemistry test with All-Star Kristi Toliver!
Who knows her best: Lindsey Harding or Alana Beard?

Round 1: What does Kristi like to eat before games?

Alana: Turkey sandwich

Lindsey: Just a sandwich

Kristi: "Sandwich? Nope, I like Pasta! And, usually chicken pasta!"

Score Report: Alana: 0 Lindsey: 0

Round 2: How many siblings does Kristi have?

Alana: A sister

Lindsey: A sisterr

Kristi: "My sister, Carli."

Score Report: Alana: 1 Lindsey: 1

Round 3: Does Kristi have a pet?

Alana: Yes, a dog

Lindsey: Yes, a dog

Kristi: "Yes, I have a great dog. A pit bull named Miles!"

Score Report: Alana: 2 Lindsey: 2

Round 4: What's Kristi's favorite movie of all-time?

Alana: The Notebook

Lindsey: Did not know

Kristi: "Oh that's a tough question because I don't have just one favorite. If I have to choose, I'd say either Pulp Fiction or Fight Club."

Score Report: Alana: 2 Lindsey: 2

Round 5: What is Kristi's favorite musical artist?

Alana: Louis Armstrong

Lindsey: Beyonce

Kristi: "HA! I guess I'll throw it back, so let's go with the Beetles."

Score Report: Alana: 2 Lindsey: 2

FINAL SCORE: Alana Beard 2 Lindsey Harding 2

At 2-2 each, it’s a tie. We suggest Kristi invite Lindsey and Alana to a Pulp Fiction movie night with she and her dog Miles!

SparKemistry Fan Style
Sparks fans it's YOUR turn to put your SparKemistry to the test! Get in the game and see what you know about Kristi! Can you guess the answers to these fun facts about Toliver?

1. If Kristi could be an animal what would she be?
2. What is Kristi's favorite TV Show?
3. Is Kristi a morning or night person?
4. Which would Kristi choose, Love or Money?
5. What is Kristi's favorite video game?
6. Whats is Kristi's favorite food?

Kristi's Answers

1. "I'd like to be in the ocean under some water, but not a dolphin because they are too squeaky. So, I'd say a hammerhead shark."

2. "I have to go with Dexter."

3."I feel like I'm neither, but I would say I like waking up in the morning more that I like staying up at night."

4."Aww, love."

5. Tony Hawk

6. Crab!

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