Keep your schedule up to date with the Sparks as we embark on a brand new season. You can now download the entire 2014 Los Angeles Sparks schedule to you own personal Outlook. Just follow the simple steps below:

Steps to Download to Microsoft Outlook
1. RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the entire Sparks schedule
2. 'Save Target As' to your desktop
3. From Outlook, select 'File' > 'Import and Export' and select the file named "schedule.csv"
4. Click 'Import from another program or file'
5. Click file type 'Comma Separated Values (Windows)'
6. Locate the downloaded file and click 'Next'
7. If you are prompted to select a destination folder, select 'Calendar'
8. Click on 'Finish' to complete the import process
9. Some versions of Outlook will require you to choose which fields you'd like to import. In that case, drag and drop desired field names from the left side of the pop-up menu to the right side

Mac and iCal Users
Follow these simple steps:
1. RIGHT CLICK HERE, select "Save Link As.."
2. Save the file to your desktop or preferred folder. Open iCal, click File > Import, choose the file you just saved and select New Calendar.
3. iCal will automatically input each game into the specified date, enjoy!

iPad and iPhone Users:
*Note: To ensure successful result, please use the Safari browser to complete download.
2. Select "Add All".
3. Select the location and calendars you prefer to add the Sparks Schedule to and click "New Calendar.."
4. Name the Calendar "Sparks Schedule 2014" and click "Done".

*Please note: Game times are subject to change.