Meet The Newcomers! caught up with the draft picks and the players invited to this year's Training Camp. Click on a player name to find about more about them and what they had to say!

Position - G

Height: 5-10

High School: Chester County H.S.

Hometown: Henderson, Tennessee

How Does It Feel Knowing You're Joining The Sparks?

BT: It feels great to join such a prestigious franchise like the L.A. Sparks. Since the league's inception in 1997, the Sparks have established themselves as one of the premier teams and it's such an honor and privilege to begin my career in Los Angeles.

What do you bring to the table?

BT: I think what I can bring to the team is my ability to score and my willingness to be a team player. I want to do whatever it takes to help my team win because there is no better feeling than winning.

Position - C

Height: 6-4

High School: Camden Catholic H.S.

Hometown: Chesilhurst, NJ

What will you do to make the most out of this opportunity?

RJ: On the court I will give my best effort at all times. Off the court I

What do you bring to the table?

RJ: At 64 I have a strong frame and great basketball skill set. I am a strong physical inside presence that works hard on both ends of the court. On offensive I have several strong moves and can quickly grasp plays when implemented. On defense I am a solid defender with the ability to alter and block shots. I am mobile on the court and have the ability to run the floor well for someone with my size and caliber.

Position - G

Height: 5-5

High School: Lincoln H.S.

Hometown: Dallas, TX

What did you think and how did you feel when you found out your were drafted by the Sparks?

AR: I felt so anxious to get out there but at the same time excited about what can happen. There are so many great players that I have watched on TV and I finally have a chance to play with them.

What would you like to say to all the Sparks fans?

AR: I am so excited about coming to LA and I cannot wait to win a championship and experience what being part of the Sparks is like.

Position - G

Height: 5-8

High School: Rosary H.S.

Hometown: Corona, CA

How does it feel knowing that you are joining the Sparks?

KF: Words are not enough to describe my excitement right now. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I'm on the team. It's been a while since a fellow Long Beach State player has had the privilege to join the WNBA, in particular the Sparks. There are so many great and talented players that are on this squad, I just hope to contribute and make a difference on this team.

What are you most looking forward to?

KF: I am looking forward to playing in front of all the people who have supported me throughout my basketball career and finally giving back to them by playing for the Sparks. Having the thrill of wearing a Sparks jersey itself is an accomplishment and a dream of mine that I will cherish forever. Now it's time to accomplish new dreams!

Position - F

Height: 6-3

High School: Riverdle Baptist H.S/

Hometown: Philiadelphia, PA

How does it feel knowing that you are joining the Sparks?

TS: It is a surreal feeling to know that I am presented with an opportunity of a lifetime. A lot of kids grow up playing basketball and dream of being a professional athlete when they get older, I was once one of those kids and now I am living my dream.

What are you most looking forward to doing or seeing here in LA?

TS: I would like to explore Rodeo Drive for the shopping, walk down Hollywood Boulevard to see the Wax Museum and the Walk of Fame and go for a swim at Venice Beach.

Position - F

Height: 6-5

High School: Marietta H.S.

Hometown: Marietta, GA

What will you do to make the most out of this opportunity?

ARob: To me, making the most of this opportunity first means making the team. To advance this opportunity, I will work to maximize my potential by embracing the talents and techniques that comes with playing at a professional level. I will remain coachable, observant, and a student of the game. I will follow the lead of hard working veteran players and I will work to assure the coaching staff that the talent and potential that they saw in me on the college level can be translated into WNBA talent.

What did you think and how did you feel when you found out you were drafted by the Sparks?

ARob: After catching my breath, I thought to myself, the LA Sparks could have drafted anyone in the NCAA, and they chose me! I felt valued, elated, and I felt favored by God! To be affiliated with Sparks is a special moment and a special milestone for any female basketball player. I thought- now, I can finish the last chapter in my book!