Getting to know Mwadi Mabika…

Mwadi Mabika was born on July 27, 1976 in Kinshasa, DR Congo. She studied biology and chemistry at the prestigious Massamba School in Kinshasa. But, she had a real passion for basketball. At the age of 12, she used to sweep up the local basketball courts because they would not let her play. The coaches said she was too young even though they heard she was a good player. Mwadi was persistent and never let those coaches define her destiny. She would continue to sweep the courts, while shooting around with the other players in hopes that they would notice how great of a player she really was.

At 13, they finally decided to let her play. She proved to them that she was dedicated to the game and in two years time, became the captain of the Junior National Team and led a group of teammates where the average age was 20. Even though she was the youngest player on the court, her maturity and knowledge of the game were exceptional.

She was brought to the United States by NBA star and fellow countryman, Dikembe Mutombo, and his brother Tshitingo Mutombo, who personally appealed to the government officials in Zaire for permission to bring her to the U.S. She has been playing for the Los Angeles Sparks since the WNBA was formed in 1997. Mabika helped guide the Sparks to consecutive championships in 2001 and 2002. Mwadi has affectionately been referred to by players, coaches, scouts and commentators alike as the Michael Jordan of the WNBA. In fact, in her home town, her name is synonymous with his.

She has played professionally in Israel, Greece, and Zaire where she was a five time African Champion and 5 time league MVP.


Music Genre: R&B
Music Artists: Janet Jackson
Television Programs: Girlfriends
Film: Love & Basketball
Actor: Denzel Washington
Actress: Julia Roberts
Foods: African (her mom’s)
Beverage: Sprite
Ice Cream: Butter Pecan
Restaurant: The Cheesecake Factory
Fast Food: Jack in the Box
Color: Blue


What is your motto? Play hard!
Few people know what about you? At the age of 15, I became the captain of the Junior National Team.
How would you describe yourself? Humble, Patient,
What is the best advice you’ve ever received and from who? Be patient and focused in life and you’ll achieve everything you set out for yourself. This is from my mother.
How you describe yourself on the court? Fearless. “I ain’t no punk!”
Who is the toughest opponent you’ve ever faced? Cynthia Cooper
Who is the nicest player you’ve ever met? Sue Bird
Who is the greatest athlete to ever play your position? Michael Jordan
What are your other hobbies besides basketball? I love watching television.