A Letter From the New Owners to Fans

Dear Sparks Fan,

As fellow Sparks fans, we are excited to announce our purchase of the Sparks franchise. We have been fans since the inception of the WNBA and believe that the League and our Los Angeles Sparks have an exciting future ahead, and we look forward to sharing it with the entire Sparks community.

Our vision for the Sparks is to build an entire network of fans, players, and community leaders who are interested in the best that the WNBA has to offer. It will include opportunities to get to know the players better they are intelligent, powerful, and wonderful women who can serve as role models to an entire generation of boys and girls (and to all of us). In addition, we plan to create opportunities for our Sparks fans get to know each other better through events planned around games and during the off-season.

Keep an eye out for information about the upcoming 2007 season. It will include a description of the exciting new benefits that will accompany season ticket purchases, new mini-plans to help you plan your summer, as well as a description of other events that are designed to create opportunities to connect with the players, the Sparks organization, and other members of the Sparks community.

Go Sparks!

Kathy Goodman & Carla Christofferson

Send the new owners your thoughts! You can contact Kathy at kgoodman@la-sparks.com and Carla at cchristofferson@la-sparks.com.