All-Star Chat with Lisa Leslie

The Sparks Lisa Leslie has been all over Los Angeles, all over the USA and indeed all over the world winning basketball games, winning championships and winning people over with her rare combination of skill, grace, beauty and charm. The 29-year-old Southern California native is one of the world's best women's basketball players and is currently leading the Los Angeles Sparks at the forefront of the WNBA.

The three-time WNBA All-Star MVP will start again for the West Squad in the 2003 showcase in New York. Lisa took time to chat on on Wednesday, July 9. Check out what she had to say!

Raquel Felder ( Bridgeport,Connecticut): Hey Lisa.I just want to say congrats on winning the all-star MVP award three times. Do you think you'll win it again? I mean you have some pretty tough compotition this year.

Lisa Leslie: I think to win MVP is nothing you can predict. It's just playing as hard as you can when you get the minutes. It would be great to win it again. But it's just a matter of playing hard with the minutes you get.

Ashley Robinson ( Grove Hill, AL): I love your game and how you get physical when you have to. Who is te most challenging player for you and who is the most exciting player in the game now to you?

Lisa Leslie: I think the biggest challenge is just from myself to keep my composure when it gets physical. I'd have to say the most exciting players are Tamecka Dixon and NIkki Teasley right now.

Jacquie - No. Hollywood: How long will it take for you to dunk again? Is there a designed play for it?

Lisa Leslie: No we don't have any designed plays. But I actually had a chance against Cleveland in our last home game, but Betty Lennox fouled me.

Kalena (Long Beach, Ca): Hey Lisa! You are like the best player that I've ever seen play in the WNBA. How is it playing for coach Coop? and Who are the comedians on the team?

Lisa Leslie: It's great playing for Coach Cooper because he knows the game inside and out. I would have to say the comedian on the team is definitely assistant coach Karleen Thompson.

Barry (Brookhaven, PA): Hi Lisa: Happy Belated Birthday! I want to wish you luck at the All-Star Game on Saturday. I'll be there to see the Sparks shine! What is the Sparks major obstacle in obtaining a third ring? GO SPARKS!

Lisa Leslie: Thanks for the birthday wish. Staying healthy and keeping everyone healthy will be the key to repeating.

Foehead(Jackson): What advice would you give to college female players who are trying to get to where you are now?

Lisa Leslie: I think to first of all stay humble and work hard. Stay aggressive and try not to be too cool. Third is to shoot 500 shots a day from all spots on the court to get a feel for the game at all positions.

Nathan (Springdale, AR): What has been the most exciting thing so far in your WNBA career? You have accomplished so much such as 3-time All Star MVP, 2-time finals MVP, 1-time WNBA MVP, and even recording the first dunk in WNBA history. Which is most important and why?

Lisa Leslie: Definitely winning championships. The championship trophies and raising them and being the last team standing is the most rewarding thing for me.

Lisa Leslie: Thanks for all the well-wishes for my birthday and the upcoming All-Star game. Keep an eye on the West because we're coming on. Thanks to everyone for chatting with me. Take care.