Sparks Partner with Jenesse Center and Home Sweet Home

To make a difference in the Los Angeles community, the Los Angeles Sparks teamed up with the Jenesse Center and Home Sweet Home to help renovate and decorate apartments for women and families with no place to go.

Sparks players painted walls, hung paintings and decorated each room of an apartment that will go to a family in need of a safe, welcoming home after domestic violence altered their lives.

“I thought it would be a great opportunity for the Sparks to come out and really make a difference in someone’s life," Sparks forward Candace Parker said. "We’re having a lot of fun out here painting and decorating, knowing it is for such a good cause.”

Along with the Sparks, actress Halle Berry, the Chairperson of the Jenesse Center's Year of Giving Campaign, was on hand to help paint and decorate the family's apartment.

Jenesse Center, Inc. is the oldest domestic violence intervention program in South Los Angeles. The Center was founded in 1980 by five African American women who were survivors of domestic violence. Its mission is to provide victims of domestic violence with a comprehensive, centralized base of support to assist them in addressing their immediate crisis and changing the patterns of their lives.

Over five hundred women per year enter the doors of the Jenesse Center 30-day Emergency Shelter program. Some call the 24-hour hotline, others are dropped off by family members hoping their loved one can get the help that she needs. No matter how they approach the Jenesse Center, they are welcomed with encouragement and inspired to live in a better, safer and secure environment.