Sparks President Johnny Buss Announces Head Coaching Changes

I would like to announce that Henry Bibby will not be coaching the remainder of the Sparks 2005 season. Joe "Jellybean" Bryant will take over the helm at this time and until Joe and I have time to discuss the duties for the remainder of the 2005 WNBA season.

Henry and I have come to a very cordial and mutually agreed upon understanding to part ways. This, in no way, will be regarded by us as a "firing." We both understood that a different direction would be the best for both Henry and the Sparks.

I understand from Henry's viewpoint that he came into the Sparks without much time off from coaching after leaving the basketball program from the University of Southern California. He has mentioned to me that maybe taking some "time off" before undertaking the Sparks job may have been more appropriate. The Sparks had the opening for a head coach, and I asked Henry if he would accept the position. He did, and I will always be thankful that he stood up to take the challenge regardless of the need to take a rest from coaching.

Again, Henry Bibby was not fired from the Sparks. It is an amiable situation for us both and I wish Henry the best in the future.