Coach Cooper at Nike Coaches Clinic

On Wednesday, November 19th Sparks Head Coach Michael Cooper stopped by the Nike Offices in Culver City to share some of his basketball knowledge with a group of 150 local high school coaches in one of Nike’s Coaches Clinics focused on women’s basketball. “The purpose of bringing these clinics to high school coaches is to talk to them about the importance of physical training in their teaching,” said Megan Thayer of Nike.

Cooper spoke about the importance of training and conditioning and its effect on the overall development of athletes. He also noted that the Sparks not only have basketball coaches but they also employ a Strength & Conditioning coach to make sure that players are in top condition and understand what it takes to maintain it. The clinic participants had a chance to ask questions and actively participate in what Cooper called the interactive portion of his program. “It’s always important for me to hear from other coaches and learn different techniques. I’m still a student of the game,” said Cooper.

The Nike Coaches Network is designed to provide its members with training and coaching insights, networking and team building opportunities and a direct connection with Nike through ongoing events. “We invited Coach Cooper because he is the most notable women’s basketball coach in L.A.; he is where these coaches want to be,” added Thayer.