Sparks Participate in Summer Night Lights Clinics August 1-4

Players and Coaches Visit Summer Night Lights Sites to Volunteer at Clinic Work To Reduce Violence and Positively Impact Youth

The Los Angeles Sparks will be at four Summer Night Lights sites in Los Angeles August 1-4 teaching both basketball and life skills. Players and coaches will be partnering with the SNL program for a second year to create a safe environment at local parks that are most impacted by gang violence.

“We look forward to once again working with the City of Los Angeles in this valuable program,” Sparks President Mike Levy said. “We see this event as a great opportunity for local youth to interact with positive role models.”

Summer Night Lights, a program offered by the City of Los Angeles, aims to create safe environments during peak hours of gang related violence, and includes expanded programming and activities free of charge. SNL programming is held from 7:00PM to midnight, four nights a week during the summer months in 32 communities throughout the city.

The Sparks will appear at four clinics this August and players will have the chance to share some fun on the basketball court before sharing their own inspirational stories with teens. They will be volunteering the following days:

Wednesday, August 1 at Sepulveda Recreation Center
Thursday, August 2 at South Park Recreation Center
Friday, August 3 at El Sereno Recreation Center
Saturday, August 4 at Wilmington Recreation Center

The Sparks hope to be a positive influence throughout the week while creating a safe environment for local teens. Not only will the clinics provide a fun and enjoyable time of basketball, but will also attempt to set better trends in the city of Los Angeles as a whole.