Small Town Girl Brings Worldly Experience

Wisconsin native and former UW-Madison Badger, Jolene Anderson, is no stranger to the WNBA, having played for the Connecticut Sun in 2008. Since that time, however, she’s played overseas, most recently as a member of Botasspor Adana in Turkey.

While playing in Europe helped her game develop and gave her a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore and immerse herself in different cultures, the 5’9” shooting specialist is excited to return to the WNBA.

“I played one year in Connecticut before leaving to play overseas, but coming back to play in the WNBA so my family could see me play again is great,” Anderson says. “I knew there was a huge opportunity in Chicago, so I jumped on it.”

Nothing is a given, she realizes. Her goal is to approach this opportunity with good instincts and a lack of fear.

“I came into this with an open mind,” says Anderson. “You can’t let one bad thing get you down, whether you come to a training camp and get cut, you have to make the decision whether you are going to be persistent. You have to keep working hard and not let anything or anybody get in your way.”

Through all of her years playing basketball, an unselfish attitude has played an integral part in how Anderson views herself as a teammate. Playing on yet another new team with new teammates Anderson shares the most important advice that guides her unselfish approach.

“The best [advice] I’ve gotten so far is that it’s not what your teammates can do for you, it’s what you can do for your teammates,” Anderson says. “That has basically been my main focus.”

And help her teammates out, is exactly what Anderson is looking to accomplish. True to character, Anderson’s expectations for the 2011 season with the Sky align with her unselfish attitude and willingness to learn.

“I’m looking forward to learning everyday from the veteran players and learning to play with great forefront players like Michelle Snow and Sylvia Fowles,” Anderson says. “I’m just trying to take it all in and bring what I can to help the team out.”

Back on this side of the pond, Anderson says she recognizes the challenge ahead but is ready and up for it.