Sky Hoops with House 5

What's happening Sky Fans?!

Everyone survive Super Sunday? Funny, I was told by someone here that I couldn’t use “The Super Bowl” or “Super Bowl Sunday” anymore when I write… copy write or something! Amazing! So I’m not using it…

Knowing we all had a little distraction from basketball over the weekend with “the BIG GAME!” (*I know most of you were NOT very happy with who was playing in the BIG GAME, but the Bears will be there next season.) I decided we should talk about some traditions for the BIG GAME.

At our house, we’re big into family traditions and one of our traditions is for me to make a big pot of chili for everyone to enjoy during the day of the game.

While we’re all still thinking about and talking about the game, I thought I’d share with you the secret recipe for my “Triple S Chili”… “Coach House’s Super Sunday Sausage Chili!” Now, it’s not a secret anymore… see all the extra perks you get for just being a loyal Sky Fan?! You have no excuses not to try out my chili before next years game… you have plenty of time.

I’ll get back with you next week on some basketball things… I’ll be back out on the road this week watching some potential draft prospects in some key early February matchups. March is right around the corner and that means conference tournament time! These up coming February games are critical as teams position themselves for the best possible seeding heading into the conference tournament. This is the time for seniors to raise their game and help show some of those intangibles when it matters most.

Until then…sit back, stay warm… hopefully you are all done shoveling for a while! Make yourself a pot of Coach House’s “Triple S’ chili, it goes great with college basketball on TV just as well as football!

See ya!

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