Sharnee at Pride Parade

Pride is a LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) event that occurs during one weekend in almost every major city in America. This happens now like clockwork however, what took place this year during Chicago's Pride Parade was anything but routine for me. This year was the first time I was able to actually be in the parade and I must say it was quite different than being on the sidelines.

While I have been out for a while now and to several Pride celebrations I learned something new about Pride and what it REALLY means. I never used to understand the magnitude of how many people participated and it's true meaning. Pride is not about just a simple representation of being gay or lesbian it is MUCH bigger than that. The celebrations of Pride are about equality of ALL people. The individual uniqueness should not affect our civil liberties. Pride is about the ability for ALL to have a chance (if only for that one weekend) to be their TRUE selves. Pride is about the support and understanding that we are not all the same and even with these differences we all deserve respect. Pride is about the love of one another whether it be a mother loving a gay son, a woman loving her wife, or a child loving his/her same sex parents...Love is love.

I personally want to thank the Chicago Sky and KPMG for allowing my wife and I the opportunity to be enlightened, inspired, and loved!!

Thank you!

Sharnee (Nae) Zoll-Norman