Veteran Savvy: A Chat with Michelle Snow

As the Sky prepares to enter its sixth season, one of the newest members of the team, former all-star player and nine year veteran Michelle Snow, is looking forward to providing a dominant presence on the front line and taking a leadership role in her first season in Chicago.

Snow who was acquired by the Sky on April 20 in exchange for guard Jia Perkins, is known for her ability to play both the 4 and 5 positions, her ability to score efficiently, and her tough rebounding. Never having played alongside a formidable force such as Sylvia Fowles, the question she gets asked the most since joining the team is -- where will she fit in? .

Says Snow, “I feel that I’m effective at both positions. Honestly it depends on my opponent; if I’m guarding a bigger, slower post I want to be at the forward. If I’m guarding an undersized post I want to be at the five. I like the fact that I can change back and forth and I love my versatility.” .

After playing for nine years in the WNBA, Snow recognizes the value of versatility as she has seen how much the league has grown, particularly the playing ability of the younger players, noting that the new blood has brought about change in the game of women’s basketball. .

“As the league continues to get older, the players have gotten younger,” says Snow. “The players are much stronger and faster and there are a lot more shooters now than when I entered the league. Basketball has become a young player’s game because it is so fast paced. The game has just become more athletic as the years passed.” .

Although Snow will play an integral role in helping the franchise in its drive for the postseason, one role in particular Michelle is looking forward to stepping into is that of leadership. Snow believes while being productive on the floor is important, inspiring and motivating younger players is just as significant to the success of the team. .

“Being a nine year veteran I understand that one of my primary roles is to lead-- and to lead by example,” says Snow. “We have a very young and athletic team that can get up and down. We also have veterans that can do the same, and add that experience piece as well so let the young players know that this game is a little different from college. They have to make that adjustment and it is our job to help them make the adjustment and lead them in the right direction so that our team can be successful and make the playoffs this year.” .

Snow also recognizes how her time spent playing overseas during the off season has enabled her to get experience in a leadership role for the younger generation of players. .

“Playing overseas teaches you to be leaders because that is what you are expected to be over there,” says Snow. “You are basically the Michael Jordan of the team. Your job is to lead, produce and get things done.” .

The Florida native emphasized how first year player should seek out advice from veterans and experienced players to improve their game. .

Says Snow, “Find someone that is in your position that is successful and ask them to mentor you. There will be times where you will have great games and you will have bad games and you need someone that can assist you in those areas.” .

Snow is ready to fill that role. .