Vandersloot’s Biggest Fan

Maddie and her family had been to a couple of Chicago Sky games in 2010. But when the news came in that Courtney Vandersloot was drafted to the Chicago Sky with the third pick in the WNBA draft, she made her mother buy season tickets right away.

“We always watch college basketball games, and Gonzaga was on TV one day,” said Maddie. “When I saw her play, she was just the best one out there. So ever since then I followed her. She is my favorite player and she is one of the shorter players on the team, like me. She is someone I really look up to and I think I’m her biggest fan.”

Maddie got her chance to meet Courtney at a Season Ticket holder event this season. The team and some of their most loyal fans went out for a night of fun at Brunswick Bowling Alley in West Chicago. When Maddie arrived with her family she was just hoping to meet her favorite player. When she walked over to lane 4, not only did she see Courtney, but also looked at the scoreboard and saw her name and Courtney’s name right next to each other.

“I couldn’t believe it! I was nervous at first, but she was so nice and a lot of fun," said Maddie. “We joked about putting bets on the games and who was the better bowler. Now were friend’s on Facebook, it’s so cool. It was just really a dream come true and so much fun.”

When Courtney was asked at the event how it was to meet Maddie, Courtney said, “it was great meeting her and she is just a great girl. I feel like I should be beating her though, but she is a pretty good bowler so will see how the night goes.” When Chicago Sky assistant coach Jeff House talked about drafting Courtney on draft day in April he said, “She always wants to win at everything and anything she does.” It looks like he wasn’t kidding.

Both Maddie and Courtney are very similar. Both grew up in the suburbs and played soccer growing up. Courtney went to Kentwood High School in Washington, a suburban school of about 2,000 kids. Maddie, who is still in middle school, plans on attending Vernon Hills High School next year, a suburban school of 2,000 kids as well. When asked if Maddie was going to try out for the basketball team she said, “I’m going to try out. I play the 3 or 4 position and will see how I do in high school.” She may have some catching up to do as Vandersloot led the State of Washington in points her senior year. “Ya… I think I better start practicing,” said Maddie.