February 19, 2012
Regular Season Round 19: Besiktas – Tarsus Bld
80-74 (20-24, 17-28, 26-16, 17-16)  

Besiktas (7-12) upset Tarsus Bld (7-12), 80-74 on Sunday. Tarsus Bld enjoyed a five-point lead at halftime, but a 43-32 run in the second half put Besiktas on top. Besiktas handed out 23 assists as a team to earn the victory. Forward Ebony Hoffman recorded 27 points and nine rebounds and guard Candice Wiggins had 12 points and eight rebounds for Besiktas. Sky guard, Courtney Vandersloot had four points and three rebounds for Besiktas. Besiktas will take its four game winning streak into their next match-up against the strong Fenerbahce team.

February 12, 2012
Regular Season Round 18: Samsun - Besiktas 69-80 
(20-17, 16-21, 16-27, 17-15) 

Eleventh place Besiktas (5-12) won in a minor upset over Samsun (9-8), 80-69. Besiktas took advantage of its trips to the free throw line shooting 81% for the game. Besiktas was outrebounded on the night but forced 16 turnovers and found offense through its transition game. Guard Esra Sencebe had 23 points, six rebounds, and five assists and Sky guard Courtney Vandersloot had 18 points, eight rebounds, and six assists in the victory. Four players in total scored in double figures and Besiktas will look to pull another upset in its next game against Tarsus Bld.

February 5, 2012
Regular Season Round 16: Besiktas - Kayseri
75-49 (21-8, 21-18, 19-14, 14-9) 

Eleventh ranked Besiktas (4-12) defeated third ranked Kayseri, 75-49. It ended at the same time the two-game winning streak of Kayseri. Besiktas led right at the start and dominated the entire game. Besiktas dominated down low during the game scoring 62 of its points in the paint compared to Kayseri's 26. They outrebounded Kayseri 46-28 including 32 on the defensive glass. Forward Yasemin Horasan fired a double double by scoring 17 points and 10 rebounds for the winners. Power forward Ebony Hoffman chipped in 14 points and 9 rebounds. American LaToya Sanders recorded 15 points and 5 rebounds, and point guard Doneeka Hodges-Lewis added 13 points and 6 rebounds respectively for Kayseri. Besiktas will meet at home higher ranked Botas (#7) in the next round and it may be quite challenging game. Kayseri will play against Samsun (#5) and it may be a tough game between close rivals.

January 22, 2012
Regular Season Round 14: Besiktas - Galatasaray
68-75 (16-25, 15-17, 19-16, 18-17)

In a matchup between three Sky teammates, Syl anf Prince on Galatasaray (#2) and Sloot on Besiktas (#11), Besiktas was defeated at home 68-75. The guests started the game with a very strong first quarter 25-16. Galatasaray made 26-of-30 free shots (86.7 percent) during the game, while Besiktas only scored seven points from the stripe. Sky’s Epiphanny Prince had an amazing game with 27 points, six rebounds and five assists (was perfect 10-for-10 from the free throw line) to lead the charge for the winners and center Sylvia Fowles had in 17 points and nine rebounds during the contest. Sky guard Courtney Vandersloot responded with 26 points and four assists and forward Yasemin Horasan produced 13 points and 12 rebounds. Four Besiktas players scored in double figures. Galatasaray maintains second position with 12-2 record behind leader Fenerbahce. Besiktas now has lost third consecutive game in a row. They keep the eleventh place with 11 position. Galatasaray will meet at home Samsun (#5) in the next round and Besiktas will play against Ceyhan Bld (#4) in Adana.

January 15, 2012
Regular Season Round 13: Mersin - Besiktas
85-82 OT (18-18, 11-16, 16-18, 24-18, 16-12)

Besiktas (#11) forced a game against Mersin (#7) into an overtime, but lost by three points 82-85 on Sunday night. The hosts trailed by 2-points after three quarters before their 24-18 charge, which allowed them to tie the game at the end of regular time and get a 4-point victory in overtime. Erlana Larkins fired 18 points, 11 rebounds, seven assists and four steals (on 7-of-8 shooting from the field) for the winners. Her fellow American import guard Shavonte Zellous chipped in 21 points and 6 rebounds. Courtney Vandersloot had a sensational game producing 24 points and five assists and forward Yasemin Horasan added 15 points and five rebounds respectively for Besiktas. Five Mersin and four Besiktas players scored in double figures. Besiktas' coach Sandro Orlando tested ten players, but that didn't help to avoid defeat in this game. Mersin (6-7) moved-up to sixth place and Besiktas keeps the eleventh position. Mersin will meet higher ranked Samsun (#5) on the road in the next round and it will be quite challenging to get another victory. Besiktas will play against Galatasaray in Istanbul and hope to secure a win.

December 17, 2011
Regular Season Round 9: Besiktas - Fenerbahce

Courtney Vandersloot’s Besiktas (2-7) were outplayed and outscored by Fenerbahce (8-1) Saturday night, losing 84-65. Fenerbahce dominated on the defensive end, holding Besiktas to just four points in first quarter. Fenerbahce made 20 of 24 free throws (83.3 percent) during the game. Fenerbahce had a 29-16 advantage in offensive rebounds. They looked well organized offensively handing out 21 assists. Angel McCoughtryhad 27 points, seven rebounds and six steals for Fenerbahce and Penny Taylor chipped in 16 points and eight rebounds. On the other side Ebony Hoffman who recorded a double double by scoring 16 points and 10 rebounds and Chicago Sky’s Courtney Vandersloot had six points with four steals respectively. Four Besiktas players scored in double figures. Both coaches used their bench players, which allowed the starters a little rest for the next games. Fenerbahce sits in first place with 8-1 record and is on a seven game wining streak. Besiktas at the other side dropped to the eleventh place with a record of 2-7. Fenerbahce will face Samsun (#5) at home in the next round. Besiktas will play against Optimum TED (#10) in Ankara and it will be a tough game between close rivals.

December 4, 2011
Regular Season Round 7: Besiktas - Samsun

The game between 11th ranked Besiktas (1-6) and sixth ranked Samsun (4-3) in Istanbul ended with biggest points difference yet for Samsun. Samsun beat Besiktas 70-56 Sunday night. Sky guard Courtney vansersloot had a off day only going five points with one assist. Samsun had a great game with four players scoring in double figures. Jayne Apppel led the team with 15 points andnine rebounds. Samsun moved-up to fourth place in the standing, they share it with Ceyhan Bld and Botas. Besiktas lost their fifth game in a row. They keep the eleventh positionwith a record on 1-6. Samsun's next round opponent will be Botas (#5) in Adana. Besiktas will play on the road against Tarsus Bld (#7) in Mersin.

December 1, 2011
Regular Season Round 5: Telge – Besiktas

Besiktas secured first place in Group B in the EuroCup for the regular season. The Turkish team enjoyed a 57-71-road victory against Telge on Thursday night improving their record to 4-1. With the loss, the host team, Telge, fell to 1-4 and ended their hopes of reaching the next stage.

While only being down by nine points at half, Telge really lost grip of the game in the third quarter where Besiktas outscored the host team 13-25. Chicago Sky’s 2011 star rookie, Courtney Vandersloot, led the way for Besiktas’ offensive attack with 23 points and five assists. Other notable contributors include Daliborka Jokic and Ebondy Hoffman who netted 18 points and 10 points respectively.

In the last round of the regular season, Besiktas will host Dynamo-GUVD, and Telge with face Young Cats in another home game.

November 27, 2011
Regular Season Round 6: Botas - Besiktas

Besiktas (1-5) was defeated by Botas (3-3) 64-56 Sunday night. Besiktas was ahead by 2 points at halftime before a 34-24 second half run by Botas. They outrebounded Besiktas 44-27 including 16 on the offensive glass. 25 personal fouls committed by Besiktas helped opponents get some easy free throw opportunities. Forward Monica Wright notched 23 points and seven rebounds to lead the effort and the other center Courtney Paris supported her with 10 points and 14 rebounds. Even 18 points by Chicago Sky guard Courtney Vandersloot did not help to save the game for Besiktas. The former forward Yasemin Horasan added 14 points and 7 rebounds. Besiktas' coach Sandro Orlando rotated ten players in this game, but that didn't help. Botas moved-up to fifth place, which they share with 3 other teams. Besiktas lost fourth consecutive game. They keep the tenth position with five games lost. Botas' next round opponent will be Antakya (#8) in Hatay. Besiktas will play at home against Samsun.

November 24, 2011
Regular Season Round 4: Besiktas - Young Cats

Besiktas celebrated a home win against the Young Cats on Thursday evening. The Istanbul team handed 84-77 loss to their rivals staying alone on top of Group B with 3-1 record. Young Cats dropped to second place with 2-2. Ilona Korstin exploded with 24 points and 15 rebounds for the hosts. Chicago Sky guard Courtney Vandersloot continues to play well adding 14 pts, 5 rebs and 6 assists, while Yasemin Horasan followed them with 13 pts and 6 rebs. Emma Messeeman had 20 points, 10 rebs and 6 assists and Noemie Mayombo had 15 pts and 5 assists in this loss. Besiktas goes to Sweden in the next round. Young Cats will host Dynamo-GUVD.

November 20, 2011
Regular Season Round 5: Kayseri - Besiktas

Courtney Vandersloot’s Besiktas (1-4) lost a tough game on the road to third ranked Kayseri (4-1) 82-61 on Sunday. The hosts were tied at the half but managed to speed up in last two quarters eventually winning the game. Kayseri looked well organized offensively handing out 26 assists. The best player for the Kayseri was LaToya Sanders who had a double double by scoring 10 points, 13 rebounds and 4 blocks. Chicago Sky’s Courtney Vandersloot’s continues to play well overseas. In the game she chipped in 10 points and 4 assists and is ranked second in assists in the league. Kayseri's coach Ayhan Avci felt very confident using entire bench and allowed the starting five to rest. Yasemin Horasan produced a double double by scoring 20 points, 15 rebounds and 4 assists and Slovenian forward Dalborka Jorkic added 12 points and 5 rebounds respectively for Kayseri. Five Kayseri and four Besiktas players scored in double figures. Kayseri will meet Samsun (#6) on the road in the next round. Besiktas will play against Botas (#7) in Adana.

November 17, 2011
Regular Season Round 3: Dynamo-GUVD – Besiktas

Dynamo-GUVD celebrated its first EuroCup win this season against Courtney Vandersloot’s Besiktas. The 68-60 defeat was Besiktas’s first loss of the season making their record 2-1. For the victors, Tatiana Petrushina came up big with 18 points and five rebounds, while Maria Savina contributed 16 points and 11 rebounds. Dynamo-GUVD’s Natalia Myasoedova had a crazy night on the boards pulling in 19 rebounds to add to her 14 points. On the losing side, Ilona Korstin racked up 22 points and 12 rebounds. Chicago Sky’s Courtney Vandersloot had a solid performance scoring 12 points and dishing out five assists. Though the game was relatively close through three quarters, a tough 17-12 fourth quarter sealed Besiktas’s fate. In the next round, Dynamo-GUVD will host Telge Basket, while Besiktas awaits Young Cats.

November 12, 2011
Regular Season Round 4: Besiktas - Ceyhan Bld

November 10, 2011
Regular Season Round 2: Besiktas - Telge
70-68 OT

Valuable home win for Besiktas, who jumped to 2-0 in Group B of the EuroCup. It was a 70-68 OT win for the Turkish squad. Swedish champion slipped to the second place in this pool with 1-1 score, but they demonstarted great performance in Istanbul last night. Courtney Vandersloot led Besiktas with 19 points and 10 rebounds. Yasemin Horasan had 16 pts and 7 rebs, while Jantel Lavender added 15 points and 12 rebs. In Telge, Binta Drammeh shined with 19 points and 8 rebs. Cleopatra Forsman-Goga (6 rebs) and Salome Kabengano (5 rebs) netted 14 and 12 points respectively. Quarters: 17-15, 15-10, 8-15, 21-21, 9-7. Besiktas will play against Dynamo-GUVD as a guest in the next round. Telge goes to Belgium, where they will meet Young Cats.

November 6, 2011
Turkish League
Regular Season Round 3: Galatasaray - Besiktas

In the game of the week, Chicago Sky’s Courtney Vandersloot and Epiphanny Prince faced off overseas for the first time. However, in the end it was Prince’s team who dominated the game. Galatasaray smashed 9th ranked Besiktas in Istanbul 82-63. Besiktas managed to win fourth quarter 21-19, but it was not enough to take a lead and get a victory that evening. Galatasaray looked well-organized offensively handing out 24 assists. The best player for the winners was Phoenix Mercury’s Diana Taurasi who scored 22 points and 9 assists. Center Tina Charles chipped in 16 points and 8 rebounds. Four Galatasaray players scored in double figures. Galatasaray's coach Ceyhun Yildizoglu used a ten-player rotation, which allowed the starters a little rest for the next games. On the other side Besiktas center Jantel Lavender recorded a double-double by scoring 36 points and 10 rebounds and Courtney Vandersloot added 6 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists respectively. Galatasaray have a solid series of three victories in a row. As mentioned above they are at the top of the standings, which they share with Samsun. Besiktas dropped to seventh place with two games lost. They share the position with 3 other teams. Besiktas will play next round against Ceyhan Bld trying to get back on the winning streak. Galatasaray will try to continue on its current victory against second ranked Samsun on the road.

November 2, 2011
Regular Season Round 1: Young Cats - Besiktas 58-69

In Besiktas first EuroCup game of the season they could not have played much better against the Young Cats. Courtney Vandersloot’s team outplayed Young Cats 58-69 for 1-0 records in EuroCup, Group B. Participants of the same pool are also Dynamo-GUVD and Telge Basket. Jantel Lavender stepped up for the Turkish squad with 21 points and 7 rebounds. Yasemin Horasan had 17 pts, and Chicago Sky’s Courtney Vandersloot added 10 pts, plus 11 boards. For the hosts, Emma Meesseman came up with 11 points and 7 rebs. Jasmina Rosseel and Anne-Sophie Strubbe netted 10 and 9 points respectively. Quarters: 21-22, 11-9, 17-17, 9-21. Besiktas will host Telge in the next round. Young Cats will meet DYNAMO Guvd as a guest.

October 29, 2011
Regular Season Round 2:
Besiktas - Mersin

Anything could happen in a game between two tied teams. Both Besiktas and Mersin had identical 0-1 records coming into this game. This time Besiktas used a home court advantage and defeated Mersin 81-76. However, just a five-point win is not that big difference and the fans of Besiktas counted on a more convincing victory. Mersin was ahead by 12 points at the half before a 27-9 third quarter run for Besiktas. Besiktas dominated down low during the game scoring 66 of its 81 points in the paint compared to Mersin's 20. Besiktas players were unselfish on offense dishing 25 assists, Chicago Sky guard Courtney Vandersloot dished seven of those 25. Center Jantel Lavender lead the way for Besiktas, scoring 26 points and Vandersloot had a quite day scoring three points, but have seven assists and two steals. Four Besiktas players scored in double figures. Shavonte Zellous had a huge game for Mersin. Her 31 points, five rebounds and four assists did not help to save the game though. Forward LaToya Thomas also had a big game adding 22 points and 10 rebounds for Mersin. Besiktas (1-1) left the bottom position and moved up to fourth place, which they share with 5 other teams. Besiktas' next round opponent will be league's leader Galatasaray in Istanbul and it may be the game of the week. Mersin will play at home against Samsun (#3).

Vandersloot is currently leading the league in assists averaging 6.5 a game.

October 23, 2011
Turkish League
Regular Season Round 1: Antakya - Besiktas

Antakya defeated Vandersloot’s Besiktas 69-48. Antakya led from the first minutes and controlled the entire game increasing their lead in each quarter. Antakya forced 21 Besiktas turnovers. Laura Harper fired a double-double by scoring 12 points and 17 rebounds for Antakya. Four Antakya players scored in double figures. Chicago Sky’s Courtney Vandersloot produced 9 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists and Russian guard Ilona Krostin added 10 points respectively for Besiktas. Besiktas will play again on Oct. 30 against Mersin.


Besiktas (Turkey)

Nov. 2, 2011 17:00| Young Cats-Besiktas
Nov. 10, 2011 20:30 | Besiktas-Telge (Istanbul)
Nov. 17, 2011 18:30 | Dynamo-GUVD-Besiktas (Novosibirsk)
Nov. 24, 2011 20:30 | Besiktas-Young Cats (Istanbul)
Dec. 1, 2011 19:00 | Telge-Besiktas (Sodertalje)
Dec. 8, 2011 20:30 | Besiktas-Dynamo-GUVD (Istanbul)