Ticha's Trivia

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Which WNBA Career record does Ticha hold?
What is Ticha’s real name?
How many times has Ticha been a WNBA All-Star?
In which year and with what team did Ticha win a WNBA Championship?
What college did Ticha graduate from?
What country is Ticha from?
In 2011 Ticha was awarded a WNBA honor. What was it?
What year was Ticha drafted and in what position?
What is Ticha’s record for assists in a single game?
Which NBA team does Ticha cheer for?
How many members of Ticha’s immediate family have played professional basketball?
What number has Ticha worn her entire career?
What has Ticha done more than any other player in the league except Tamika Catchings?