Gift Ideas for Friends from the Sky

ErinThorn's friends should be pretty excited with their holiday gifts, she's thinking of getting them:
  • Old school TV shows on DVD like "Saved By The Bell" or "Smurfs".

  • Jia Perkins will make her friends happy with these gift ideas:
  • Books, a camera, iPod speakers or a puppy.

    Shyra Ely has some fancy gift ideas for her friends, including:
  • An Infinity scarf and the Sephora Ultimate Make-up Pallette.

    Mistie Bass will be looking for these items when she shops for her friends:
  • A digital camera, a MacBook Pro, Peacoats, Ugg boots and perfume.

    Coach Key is going to wrap up these gifts for his friends:
  • Board games or something to support a hobby.

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