The Sky Serves up a Successful Event with the American Diabetes Association


Amidst a large and energetic crowd that attended Tuesday night’s event “Get Served by the Sky” at Buffalo Wild Wings in Mt. Prospect, the Sky players took turns serving their fans as waiters and bartenders for the night.

In partnership with the American Diabetes Association (ADA), the players kept their customers entertained as they rolled up their sleeves earning tips that were directly donated to the ADA. Buffalo Wild Wings also contributed 10 percent of its earned proceeds from the event to the ADA.

Throughout the night players met with fans of all ages selling raffle tickets and signing autographs. Playing to the crowd, the MC and Sky Guy amplified the energy within the venue as they performed and revealed the winners of the raffle prizes.

Kelly and Bill Eidson of Arlington Heights brought sons Charlie (5), and Andy (2) to the event to show their support for the team. Delivering the family their drinks, Sky Guy was the deal breaker of the night for the young boys.

“Sky Guy picked me up, and I even got my picture taken with him,” said a grinning Charlie Eidson.

Proving that the event was an all around success, fans were not the only ones who enjoyed themselves. Carolyn Swords, rookie team member and novice server, kept busy with a smile on her face as she bused tables and catered to her customers and fans.

“This is a very cool experience, and a very unique community service opportunity,” Swords said. “It’s neat to actually get to sit and talk with fans.”

Turning the fund raising into a friendly competition, the players rooted for and teased each other if they secured additional donations for the ADA. The players amused fans with their friendly banter and varying degrees of serving experience. Tamara Young, a former Chuck E. Cheese’s employee, felt her prior serving experience provided her with an upper hand.

“I worked in high school, my junior and senior years at Chuck E. Cheese’s as a waitress,” Young said. “The event has taken me back to those days, getting food, and drinks, and entertaining the customers.”

The relaxed and light-hearted demeanor of the players was the reason the event turned into such a success. Head coach Pokey Chatman beamed with satisfaction from the turnout and her player’s charity.

The opportunity to partner with the ADA was a fitting selection for Chatman, who has dealt with the illness reoccurring in her family. The partnership has enabled Chatman, the Sky, and the ADA to heighten awareness about diabetes.

“I think it’s going great,” Chatman says. “I was outside when a fan approached me and said he thought the team was doing a great job. I already knew it was a great venue and for a great cause, but to hear that puts a smile on my face and to see the players so engaged.”

“Get Served by the Sky” was a unique event for the ADA and its efforts. Associate Director, Ashley Oakes, explained how this particular event differed from others.

“All of the events we have are about raising funds,” Oakes says. “Our mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. This event [Get Served by the Sky] is doing a great job of raising awareness and visibility.”

As the team worked their way through the restaurant over the course of the night, it was clear they were there to serve in more ways than one.