Team of the Week #6: Maine East

The Maine East girls’ varsity basketball team just completed one of their best seasons ever with an overall record of 19-6 and a conference record of 9-1. Last Friday the team won their first conference title, beating out rivals Maine West for the first time in 33 years. Now the team proceeds to regional’s beginning February 18th. This year, for the first time in school history, four seniors will play in the Voyager Media All-Star game on March 23rd. Also, three players were selected for the All-Conference team.

Without a doubt Maine East has demonstrated success on court but they have also shown that they can set goals and achieve them to benefit themselves and others in their community. Before the team began conference play this season they wanted to travel to a basketball tournament at Disney World. The players raised all their own money to cover their costs to travel to this event. At this tournament they were able to gain much needed experience against great teams from across the country.

In addition to playing fierce competition this season the team wanted to give back to those fighting battles against cancer. To achieve this they chose to dedicate a home game to breast cancer awareness to assist in raising awareness and funds. All the monies raised were donated to women currently fighting breast cancer.

As a Chicago Sky “High School Team of the Week” award winner, Maine East High School is invited to enjoy a Chicago Sky game, where they will have the opportunity to watch the world’s best female basketball players. During the game, they will be honored on court.

All teams that compete in IHSA 1A, 2A, 3A or 4A competitions are eligible to win a weekly honor. Nominations from parents, coaches, school faculty members and players are welcome and should be completed on the Chicago Sky website through March 19.

At the end of the 10-week program each weekly winning team will be entered to win the “High School Team of the Year” award for 2014. The winner, determined through online voting, will be announced at halftime at a 2014 Chicago Sky game.