Tamera Young: Checking in from ATL

Hello my lovely supportive Sky Fans.

I'm checking in from Atlanta, GA where I live during the offseason. I know you all are already anxiously waiting for next season to begin as we all are. I've been ready since the day our season was over. "Can we start already?" :-)

Before the season was over Piph (Prince) and I called ourselves "Pinky and the Brain" and said we were taking over the world state by state. HAHA!! That didn't come out as planned LOL. So I had to do it with one of my best friends. I've traveled to Indiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Phoenix and New York. I watched several WNBA games in person, getting mad while watching, wishing we were still playing.

This has been the biggest break I have ever had before going overseas. I feel I've had ample time to spend with my family and friends while missing basketball. Everyday I've been going to the gym to either play pickup, lift weights, or do cardio. Playing pickup was fun. Living in Atlanta I was able to play with some of my friends who are in the league as well and live in ATL including Christi Thomas (Chicago Sky), Plenette Pierson (New York Liberty), Shavonte Zellous (Indiana Fever) and Ivory Latta (Tulsa Shock). I did go to Six Flags one day as well. I think I ate more food than I did anything else at the park. HA, anyone who knows me knows I love to eat.

Time is winding down and I leave for Italy on Thursday. I'm playing in a small city called Umbertide which is also the name of my team. I heard a bigger city was about 20 minutes away, and Rome was an hour and a half drive away. I can't wait to go over and play with my new teammates as I work on my game to improve and help the Sky get to the playoffs next year and win. So, I hope you all are ready for a winning season next year because we are hungry. Until next time, you can keep up with me on Twitter @Reddbone11.