Skyrider of the Week: Chantel Avery

Name: Chantel Avery

Occupation: Administrative Assistant

Neighborhood: Austin

Sky Account Executive: Veronica Lech. We talk almost every day. She's absolutely amazing. She always follows up with me and she does an amazing job. I've also dealt with Shane Cleghorn and Shelli Anderson, they do a very good job also.

Hobbies: Going to Sky games and playing volleyball.

Favorite Stadium Food: Loaded nachos with chili, jalapenos, sour cream and cheese. They're to die for.

How long have you been a SkyRider? Since the first year.

What I like about being a SkyRider: Getting to meet the players every year, getting to know the owner. Being a part of the whole experience has been absolutley wonderful.

Favorite Sky Player: Sylvia Fowles

The best Sky game I ever attended was: The last Sky game at UIC in 2009 against Detroit. My tickets were upgraded so I got to go into the Courtside Club to eat and everything. We were hoping to make the playoffs, the whole place was electric. It was the best atmosphere, it was absolutely amazing. The whole place was on fire.

What I like best about Allstate Arena: My seats are closer. Being that close behind the bench, you can see the expressions on the players' faces and hear their conversations. The next best thing is being able to have an intro like we do. It's nice to see that all the hardwork by the Sky has paid off. Being able to show off the cool intro, the lights off and flashing, its just amazing.

The reason I'm looking forward to the 2011 Sky season is: Change. Knowing that our past does not dictate our future.

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