Hello Sky Fans!

Sky fans this is the best week for me, so far, in the Sky Hoop World!.... I AM IN CHICAGO!

I came in early to watch the Bears game… sorry… and now I’m running around all week with all kinds of great things going on. It has been amazing!

Monday during the day I set up my office then at night I attended the Bulls – Bucks game to meet with Rich Kulefsky and the Bulls' video crew of Joe Coppens and Kevin Olson. These are the guys that crank out the hours (18+ hour days, 7 days a week) to provide Coach Tib, his staff and the Bulls players with the video and scouting data they need. This prep work is a big reason the Bulls have jumped out to a 31-14 record and 1st place standing in the Central Division! LET’S GO BULLS! All coaches will tell you… we are only as good as the support of people like this. Coaches are the visible part… there are so many people you never see and so many hours that go into preparing for a game.

Advance scouting, team evaluation and preparation are HUGE in any team’s success. One of Coach Chatman’s major priorities is preparation…. Preparation is many different things: In practice, teaching, pushing, molding players, developing skill sets and perfecting offensive and defensive movements. In scouting, video and scouting reports to provide players with the tactical info they need to be ready for what our opponents will try to do during the course of a game. As well as the off court components, in living, training (including nutrition, sleep and travel) which all mesh together to provide the players with the best possible environment for success.

I am also reviewing potential practice sites this week, looking at apartment complexes for the players and staff and working with Ann Crosby, our Director of Basketball Operations/Strength and Conditioning Coach, on team travel. Ann is AMAZING! She is on top of everything!

I’ll wrap it up with a great deal of office work, setting up an office for Coach Sides, interviewing some potential Video Coordinator and video intern candidates and back on the phones….

I’ll check back in with you next week! Don’t forget to email me your questions!

Have a great week! Stay warm.

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