Hello Sky Fans!

Whew … So much has been going on since I was welcomed into the Sky family on December 28th at the Pizza Party with Pokey! I’m still amazed that Gino’s East O’Hare was so jammed, but I’m not surprised by your passion for your team. Thank you, again, to the fans that personally welcomed me to Chicago, introduced themselves and shared their excitement for the 2011 season with me.

We have spent the last couple weeks on the move! I wish I could tell you of all the phone calls I have made and received - many, many great things going on in the Sky world!

First … our NEW BLOG! ... Sky Hoops with House! Each week I will share with you a little of what is going on as we prepare for our ’11 training camp. It may be a little player personnel update or some coded, behind the scenes, special insight into Coach Chatman’s look at how she plans to instill the Fight, Focus and Finish for 40 mentality from Day One with your team. It could be some basketball tactics, techniques or strategy. It might be to answer some of your questions. Now please don’t start emailing the “Who are we drafting?” questions, I would tell you, but then you’d have to be locked in the Sky offices and sequestered until the draft in April.

You won’t want to miss a week of Sky Hoops with House, so be sure to check back every Tuesday for an update.

While I was in Chicago, we toured several potential new practice sites, the Allstate Arena and many places where the players could live. I have never really spent much time in Chicago before this last visit. During my WNBA days in New York and Washington the Sky had yet to be born, so I only traveled to Chicago for the pre-draft camp when it was held at Moody Bible and I also spent a few days recruiting there … but that was really it! The downtown area is amazing! I have been in many other major cities and metropolitan areas. I’ve walked crowded streets many times and rarely did anyone just smile and say hi. It happened, but usually only when you passed someone you knew. While in Chicago, I walked six blocks one day with Rob Popowcer, Vice President of Marketing Partnerships for the Sky, and it happened at least three times! That was an encouraging sign of what people are like in the Windy City! Awesome!

PLAYERS CORNER: I have spoken, via e-mail, to several of our players over the past couple weeks and everyone is excited about our new staff and ready to get started. Most have returned to Europe after their Holiday break, but are anxiously looking ahead to May. Some are staying stateside to prepare and train. Our staff will be visiting with the players over the coming months to start building the mindset we need.

I’ll be on the road during the next couple of weeks. Hmmm … why might I be on the road?! Where will I be?! I know you wish you knew … You’ll have to figure all that out yourself from the video clips I send back. I’ll share a little of what it is like to be on the road with the Houseman! Airports, driving, fast food, gyms … you’ll get a little taste of it all.

Thanks Sky Fans … catch you next week!

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