Sky Guy at the Skyline Plunge

On Saturday, September 11 the Chicago Sky’s very own Sky Guy participated in the Skyline Plunge! Chicago, a fundraising spectacle where brave volunteers rappelled 27 stories down the exterior façade of the Wit hotel to raise funds to benefit Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago.

Sky Guy was the first person to be sent down the hotel’s signature lightning bolt. At first he took it slow, getting a feel for hanging from a rope 278 feet above State Street. As he got more comfortable Sky Guy began taking bigger steps and pushing off the building. Then, about halfway down he ended up tangling himself in the rope and hanging upside down for a short while. The accident turned out to be a good opportunity for Sky Guy to take a minute and wave to all the people at the bottom.

“Rappelling down the side of the Wit was so exciting,” said Sky Guy. “It was pretty scary at the beginning, but once I got a hang of it, it was really fun. It was so cool going down the side of the building towards all the screaming fans at the bottom.”

Sky Guy managed to untangle himself and finish the rappel successfully. Afterwards he hung out with all the people at the bottom and watched as others took the plunge. Click here for a photo gallery of Sky Guy rappelling down the side of the Wit hotel.