Sky Goes Bowling


It was a fun filled evening Tuesday night as the Sky players, coaches and staff stepped away from the court, and into the bowling alley to spend time with the team’s most loyal fans – our Skyriders.

Skyriders of all ages came out for a night of chatting, laughing and bowling with their favorite players. “I got to bowl with Courtney Vandersloot. She is my favorite player I can’t believe it,” said 13 year old Maddie from Elk Grove. “She is one of the shorter players on the team, like me, and she was so nice. My favorite part about tonight was getting to meet all the players but especially having the chance to talk and bowl with Courtney.”

The event kicked off with Skyriders hanging out with players as they getting autographs and pictures. Fans enjoyed games, auction items, and an array of appetizers and food throughout the night. Players and coaches were partnered up with teams of Skyriders to bowl at each lane.

“I thought I was decent at bowling, until I got out here with some of these fans let me tell you,” said Michelle Snow, Chicago Sky center. “It’s so great to be out here with these fans, we have had similar things on other teams I have been on, but here we can really relax and be ourselves and just have fun.”

“I have been a season ticket holder for two years now,” said Laura from Chicago. “I used to get tickets here and there, but being a season ticket holder – there is nothing like it. You get to go to these fun events with the players like meet and greets at the beginning of the year, like Get served by the Sky at Buffalo Wild Wings, but this is by far my favorite event, bowling with the team. These player are so nice and we feel like we are part of something special.”

The event wrapped up with Head Coach Pokey Chatman thanking everyone for coming out and telling fans how much they appreciated all their support and loyalty. She then led the fans in the team clap and brought the team and fans in for a huddle and break as the players do before games and at the end of practices.

“These people are the backbone, these are the believers,” said Chatman. “They are like family where they love you good, bad or indifferent. You never really have the opportunity with how fast the season goes to interact with the fans, and I think from the stand point of the fans they enjoy it and we enjoy it just as much.”