Sky defeat Dream in a close victory

An intense, physical and extremely close game, the crowd cheered with anticipation, and then roared as the Sky took the victory, winning against the Atlanta Dreams 81-69.

The game between the Chicago Sky and the Atlanta Dream took off with six minutes of fast paced playing, missed shots coming frequently from both sides of the court. Chicagoís Tamara Young was taken out early for three fouls in the first quarter.

The Sky had a different start than usual, playing every single one of their bench players in the first half. The all-star player Sylvia Fowles, usually unstoppable on the court, ended the half with only 2 points. Angel McCoughtry, a star player for the Dream wasalso restricted to only 4 points. Chicago pushed forward with Epiphany Prince (14 points in the first half) and closed the Dreamís lead to eight points 39-31.

The Sky came out pumped and ready to play. The audience roared as the Sky came back with and took the lead in the second half.

A timeout was called, and Atlanta came back into the game with adrenaline surging and ready to fight back. The third quarter continued on with great plays from both sides, and with three minutes left in the quarter the score was 52-47, Dream.

Less 60 seconds into the fourth quarter Chicago took the lead by three points, making the score 56-53 Sky. The audience cheered excitedly as Chicago gained more points, beginning the fourth quarter of the game in a situation thatset them up for the win.

The crowd shook the walls and screamed happily as the Sky surged forward. The Dream took a timeout with 3:32 left in the game, the score 68-63 Sky. At this point, it didnít matter that the Dream had dominated most of the game; the Sky seized the game when it had mattered most.

The Sky, coming together as a team to stop Atlanta, attacked the Dreamís defense with newfound aggressiveness, and Atlanta fouled in return. With the free throws and offensive points the Sky had scored, they led 71-65 with only 1:54 left in the game.

73 seconds later, Chicago was up by eight against Atlanta with the score 77-69. Two successful free throws later, it seemed like the Sky had wrapped up the game and taken the victory. The Dream were not finished though. They attacked the Dream with newfound speed and aggression, but the Sky were readyand after an easy steal they possessed the ball for the remaining seconds of the game. The Sky won, the final score 81-69. Key players of the game were Angie Bjorklund, Courtney Vandersloot, Prince, andFowles. A great end to an amazingly close game!

By Emily Davidson, Girl Scout