Shyra Back from China

Chicago Sky forward Shyra Ely is back in the states after spending the last two months in China playing for the Jiangsu Phoenix and trying to get them into the playoffs and avoid relegation into the league’s lower division.

She did her job. When she arrived the team was 1-4 and on the brink of missing the playoffs. After her arrival the Phoenix won five straight games and eventually finished in sixth place making the playoffs.

“Their main concern was making it to the playoffs and not dropping to the second division,” Ely said. “That was my thing - making sure they get into the playoffs. The top eight teams make it. We finished sixth so I did help them.”

This was the second time Shyra has spent part of an offseason in China so the major differences in food and basketball weren’t such a big surprise.

“I ate rice and fish every day, every meal for two months,” said Shyra. “The actual league I played in, I’d equate to one big pick-up game. There’s lots of running, lots of fast breaks and lots of scoring.”

All that running and all that rice did have its effects on Shyra.

“I was really happy to get back to my normal diet,” she said. “I lost weight and I thought I looked great, but I was hungry and I was tired of eating fish and rice every day.”

Shyra’s happy to be back in the States, and is ready to start her second season with the Sky. She’s also ready to get back to eating her favorite food: Sushi.