Shameka Christon: Getting My Groove Back

Privyet (pree-vyet) Sky fans,

Itís Shameka checking in from Russia. Well, I am in a city called Orenburg. This is actually my second year playing here, and truth be told, I am still clueless as to where I am. However, I do know that there is a monument in the city and if you stand on one side of it you are in Russia, the other side of it is Asia. Oh, and I am 11 hours ahead of the Central Time Zone. A flight from Moscow to Orenburg takes about two hours. So hopefully that will give you a clue as to where I am, but don't feel bad if you don't know because like I said, I have been here two years and am still clueless.

I have been here a little over a month. My team is doing well in Russian league but could definitely be a lot better in Euroleague. Becky Hammon (Silver Stars) and Tina Charles (Sun) are my teammates, so I am definitely in good company.

So many people have asked me about the injury that sidelined me for most of the WNBA season, and my recovery. I will say that I am now doing well. However, I have learned that it is hard when you suffer an injury that sidelines you for a season, and it is just as bad when you are finally able to compete again, your rhythm is completely off. Talk about frustration! LOL! But, no worries, I am getting my groove back.

I have been instructed to wear sports goggles when I play, and man are they hard to get use to. I will have to take a picture so you all can see them. My Sky teammates said that I should Bedazzle them - definitely something to think about, LOL! Well Sky fans, that is all for now. I can't wait for the summer!!!

See you soon,