Prince: Excited to come to Chicago

Hi Sky fans. On WNBA draft day, I was extremely nervous. Most people think I am not a nervous person, but I was definitely a bundle of nerves in my apartment that evening. I was watching on-line with my teammates Courtney (Paris), Sharnee (Zoll) and Chasity (Melvin) . Court was giving me advice. A lot of people were hitting me up on BBM (Blackberry Messenger) with good wishes. The thoughts going through my head were that my dream was finally going to come true.

This past year was surreal I went from playing at Rutgers to playing overseas. At RU, I was close to my family in Brooklyn, N.Y., but now I am playing overseas in different countries. The decision was so hard to leave, but I still believe I did what was best for me and my family. When my name was announced with Chicago, I was extremely excited. I had heard good things about the team and of course, Courtney will continue to be my teammate (big smile!) along with my big Sis Syl (Sylvia Fowles). Right after I was picked I did some interviews after with various newspapers.

Since I was drafted, life has been pretty much the same: a few interviews here and there, talking to friends at home and planning my move to Chicago. I am still playing in Turkey with Botas-Spor. We won our last playoff game by a point on April 21 and want to finish the season up strong. We currently lead the series 2-0 and one more win would get us into the semi finals. I am very excited to be back on American soil soon and playing for the Sky. Life is all about the unexpected, so bring it on!