Pokeys Holiday Pizza Party

Sky fans spent the evening at talking hoops with Coach Chatman and Assistant Coach Jeff House and were given some insight into the upcoming season.

"You just get a great feeling being here," said Chatman. "You get to see familiar faces, you meet new people, you reminisce about past games and moments and it gets you ready for the season. The flip side of that is I go home and get all excited and I have to remind myself that it is only December. But it is great to be here and see new fans and get to reminisce with the old ones."

Over 100 fans packed into Abruzzi Restaurant to hang out with Sky Guy, Sky staff and coaches Chatman and House. Fans were excited to talk basketball with the coaches and see what the Sky had in-store for the season. The event was also a great way for many new Sky fans to learn about the Sky. Brianna, 7, came with her grandmother and family to learn about the Sky.

"I really did not know too much about the Sky, but I am having so much fun with Sky Guy and the staff," said Brianna. "Everyone is so nice and my favorite is Sky Guy."

Brianna's grandmother, Stella, purchased season tickets for the upcoming season the night of the holiday party. "I am thrilled to be a season ticket holder this year," said Stella. "I was originally a season ticket holder when the Sky was first formed back in 2006 and then I kind of got away from it. Then last season a friend invited us to a game and I really enjoyed it and saw how much the kids were enjoying it, so I thought it would be a great fit. Growing up I never got an opportunity like these players have today, and I am all for women's sports, and I really want to see them succeed."

Coach Chatman wrapped up the event talking about the upcoming season and thanking fans for coming out.

"It is not rhetoric, it is real, and we want people to be a part of this franchise," Chatman said. "When the players come out of that tunnel and they see the fans and hear them it is tremendous. I know how it feels as a coach, but when I hear players talk about it, it is even better. Also, it is the warm contact you have with woman's professional basketball, fans get to meet us and talk to us, and that is something special."