Sky High Hoops Basketball Clinic at Joy of the Game

The clinic offered more than 45 boys and girls in attendance the opportunity to run through drills, and get pointers, from Markeisha Gatling and the Sky coaching staff. Athletes between the ages of 5 and 13 started off the clinic with the most important part of the game—defense. Head Coach Pokey Chatman led the group in mass work defensive slides and off-the-ball footwork. Attendees then had the opportunity to rotate through defensive breakdown drills to learn about closeouts, on-the-ball defense, box outs, and help side positioning.

After defense, Sky Player Development Coach Jonah Herscu shared the “BEEF” shooting technique with the group. The four-letter acronym is designed to help young basketball players remember the fundamentals of shooting. The “B” stands for bend; you must be low in an athletic position to have a strong base to shoot. The first “E” stands for elbow; when aligning the basketball your elbow needs to be bent in at a ninety-degree angle. The second “E” stands for eyes; shooters should fix their eyes on the rim to maintain practice proper shooting mechanics. The “F” stands for follow through; to have the highest percentage of making a shot it is important to hold your follow through in a fully extended position. The group then broke into stations of dribbling, passing, shooting, layups and post moves to help attendees understand all of a variety of offensive skills used to score the basketball.

The clinic concluded with 5-on-5 games and Hot Shot competitions. Winners from each age group were awarded prizes. Markeisha Gatling and the Pokey Chatman spent time following the clinic to sign autographs and take pictures with all attendees.

The clinic at Joy of the Game was the second Sky High Hoops Basketball Clinic run during this offseason. By organizing clinics and getting involved in youth sports initiatives around the Chicagoland area, the Chicago Sky hope to inspire fans to embrace active lifestyles. Sky High Hoops Basketball Clinics give young athletes of all ages, and skill-levels, the unique opportunity to run through drills led by Sky players and coaches. Our staff will have you playing like a pro in no time!

To learn more about upcoming Sky High Hoops Basketball Clinics and how to register call 866.SKY.WNBA or click here. ​