My Draft Day Experience-Angie Bjorklund

Draft day was one of the busiest, yet most exciting days for me as I found out that I was drafted to the Chicago Sky in the second round, as the 17th overall pick! Ending my season earlier than expected at the University of Tennessee has been difficult, and I've experienced mixed emotions leading up to the draft. Wrapping up my college career as an athlete and student, while preparing to say goodbye to coaches, teammates, and people who have loved and supported me throughout my four years has been sad and at times difficult; however, the excitement of potentially playing at the next level and in the WNBA and fulfilling another goal has been a dream come true!

The long awaited anticipation of where I could potentially be playing finally came to an end yesterday! Having one of the busiest weeks with exams and papers being due, I was studying the entire day and in fact was in the middle of an exam during the first round of the draft! Trying to stay focused on my exam, in the back of my head I was anxious for the draft. I finally finished my exam in time for the second round, and staring at my computer screen, watching the names pop up was more stressful than I imagined (I mean how long does it take them to pick? Haha!) When my name finally came up I was more than excited that I was going to Chicago! I have heard great things about the city and more importantly about the team and Head Coach Pokey Chatman.

An additional plus will be the fact I will be in training camp and playing with my hometown, Gonzaga hero, and friend, Courtney Vandersloot. I've been playing pickup with her and the Gonzaga girls every summer since my freshman year in college. I know how great a point guard she is, specifically her ability to see the court and pass and I think we work very well together! Overall, I am very excited about being drafted to the Chicago Sky and am ready to work hard this month to prepare for training camp! I am blessed for this unique opportunity! To God be the glory!