My Draft Day Experience - Carolyn Swords

I woke up on Monday at about 6:30am because I was too excited to sleep, just like I still have trouble sleeping on Christmas Eve. After getting ready for the day the fourteen other Draft Invitees and I hopped on the bus to take us to the ESPN campus in Bristol, Connecticut. I have never had my make up professionally done and styling my hair reminded me of getting ready for prom in high school. The stylists did a terrific job and I was able to relax until we attended brunch with executives from ESPN. This was one of my favorite parts of the day because we got to talk to so many people who were just as excited about the Draft as we were. After a fun trivia game to test our knowledge of the history of the WNBA, the group returned to the players’ lounge for final preparations before the show.

The best part of the day was being able to share the experience with those that I love. I was joined by my aunt, younger brother, younger sister, and head coach. It was so nice to know that the rest of my family and friends were watching from home and supporting me as they have for so many years. I enjoyed the experience of being in studio during a live television production. Waiting for my name got my heart pounding a little, but the experience of being there live was energizing. It was so nice to see each of the girls so thrilled and their families so happy. I will never forget the excitement I felt when I heard I had been selected by the Chicago Sky. It is truly a blessing to have had the opportunity to attend the Draft especially for the historic fifteenth year. To do so with my family made it a perfect day. I look forward to starting my next basketball adventure in Chicago!