Michelle Snow Tells All

So Iím sitting here thinking about what to write about for my Sky blog. Letís see I could write about the how Iíve been spending my time here in Chicago, my tenís years in the WNBA, or about life overseas.

I decided to let you guys have your cake and eat it too. Letís talk a little bit about each one.

My Time in Chicago

Iíve had a wonderful opportunity to meet, play, and fight beside some wonderful players and coaches this summer in Chicago. Although our season has been a bit rocky we are still in the trenches fighting side by side to get to our first playoff berth. We know it wonít be an easy ride but we also know that we canít possibly complete such a task without each and every one staying together. That includes you too Sky fans. We will need you guys every step of the way. Most successful teams always give credit to their sixth man and that would be you guys.

My ten years in the WNBA

Over my ten years in the WNBA I have seen the league evolve in so many ways. The game has become so much faster and the talent across the board has really evened out. Anyone can get beat on any given night by any team. The players are younger, athletic, and extremely versatile. As time continues to pass the WNBA will only get better.

Life Overseas

Letís see I have played overseas for ten straight years. I have played in Israel twice, Korea twice, Italy twice, and Russia four times and also Spain. Iíve tried everything from horse meat, chicken hearts, to snail. Maybe thatís where I get my ďhopsĒ from. I have tasted the finest wines and seen the most beautiful places in the world from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the top of the Swiss Alps.

Want To Hear More

I would love to get to know each of you guys and to give you all the nitty gritty details of the summarized events above but I only have so much room in the blog. If you would like to go on an in-depth journey with me through everything from who I am, inside the WNBA, and the total lifestyle that we get to live then be sure to keep in touch with me through one of the social medians below:

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