Markeisha Gatling's Mailbag

Last week, Sky staff sat down with center Markeisha Gatling and took some time to answer fan questions from Facebook and Twitter. Hereís what Markeisha had to say.

What is the biggest difference between college level and pro level basketball?

The pace of the game.

What are you going to work on during the offseason to prepare for next year with the Sky?

My post defense.

What do you think are the keys to becoming a good center in the WNBA?

Defense and scoring.

How was it to accomplish even getting to the WNBA Finals?

It was good, especially with it being my rookie season, so that encourages us for next year.

What do you think the Sky needs to work on this offseason to get back to the Finals?

I think we have all the right pieces. Itís just about jelling those pieces together. It was our first year together, so hopefully next year we just build on it.

Can you dunk over somebody?

No, I canít dunk. I tried one time and I missed it.

Do you think youíre an aggressive player?

I can be, but sometimes Iím not because I find myself watching too much.

What was your favorite WNBA team when you were growing up?

The LA Sparks.

How did you feel the first time Pokey said you were starting?

I wasnít nervous at all. I was cool with it, and I was excited.

Do you like starting, or coming off the bench?

I feel like now I like coming off the bench better, but in college I liked starting because I was the star.

Will you be going overseas to play during the offseason? If so, where are you planning to go?

Yes. Iím going to Brazil in January.

What else have you been doing this offseason?

School and working out doing two-a-day practices. I still work with the same trainer I did before I was drafted, so that helps a lot. He was my AAU coach, so we go way back.

What were your thoughts on Jamierra Faulknerís play during the season, while Courtney Vandersloot was injured?

She did really well. As a rookie, she stepped up a lot. Coach was counting on her to do that and she did, so it was great.

Do you have any ambition to continue your basketball career outside of playing (for example, coaching)?

No, not really. I donít mind helping out once in a while, but Iíd much rather play than coach. I have been helping out at practices at a local high school, though. Theyíre doing tryouts there, and I also help out with practices at NC State.

What is the most important thing you learned or took from your rookie year that will help you succeed going forward?

Managing my time. School and the WNBA have very different schedules, so adjusting to that definitely helped me.

Do you think you are going to win the WNBA Finals next season?

Yes, I hope so. Thatís definitely our goal.