K.B. Sharp: Lots of languages

Hey Sky Fans! This is K.B. Sharp writing to you from Challes Les Eaux, France.

Challes is a little city in the south east of France that is surrounded by mountains. It's really pretty here, but it can get really cold. It's normal to have some snow here, but this year it snowed like almost everyday in the winter. There were times when I couldn't even drive my car!

Our team is in 8th place out of 14 teams. It hasn't been a really great year as far as winning goes, but the team consists of a great group of girls, and I am happy to have been able to play with them. On the team there are three French girls, two Slovakians, one Latvian, one Croatian, and two Americans. When we travel to away games, it is normal to hear all kinds of languages on the bus. It's been cool getting to know everyone and to learn different things about their countries and cultures.

Speaking of travelling, everytime that we had an away game we travelled by bus, whether that be two mini-buses, or one big bus where we could lay down. The big bus was used to go to games where it would take us 10+ hours to reach. I can't event count how many times we had to travel 12 hours to reach a city to play. In the beginning it was fun just hanging out and watching movies, but towards the end it started to become, well......long!!! There was always someone asking "Are we there yet?"

Oh yeah, and I forgot that our coach is Italian. He doesn't speak the best English, but between his Italian, English, and some French, we are able to understand him. The season is winding down, so that means the WNBA is right around the corner. I can't wait to see all of you again, this time at Allstate Arena! I hope the winter hasn't been too hard on you in the Windy City!

A bientot,
K.B. Sharp

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