Jia Perkins: Home Sweet Home

Hey Sky fans! It's been a while since the last time I reported in so let me give you guys an update on whats new with me.

I started off in Istanbul, Turkey playing for Galatasaray Sports Klub, one of the top teams in Turkey. We had a pretty good team. My American teammates were Sophia Young and Katie Douglas. We had some good times. We finished the first half of the season in 3rd place. I had to come back to the States earlier than expected, but I did enjoy my time in Turkey. I really didn't get out much and tour the city, there was just too much traffic for me! The most memorable event I experienced was our men's team playing our rivals Fenerbache. It was the loudest game I've ever been too! The fans didn't stop chanting the entire game and the arena was packed. It got crazy at the end of the game and the fans started throwing coins onto the court at the players. It was just chaos! Thatís about the only place I went when I was in Turkey, sad isnít it?!

So, I've been home since January 18th and yes I have been working out! I've been going up to Texas Christian University and getting some good runs in with a few of the guys there. So if you know me you know that I really try and be modest and don't really let everyone I come into contact with know that I play in the WNBA! So I had been playing with some men up at TCU and when we were finished playing for the day they were asking me if I played for a college team. I told them I played for Texas Tech from 2000-2004. Then they asked what my name was, of course I told them. The next day I went to the gym to work out and one of the guys was like "WNBA All-Star, huh?" I was like what I don't know what your talking about. He said "yeah we do our research". They went home and Googled me! I thought that was funny. I've been enjoying my time working out up there with the guys.

I would have to say the best part of being home is being able to be an active mom. I've been to my first open house, school program, parties and so-on. I just love it. Oh and Aalirah has played her first year of basketball. We have a little work to do. I had to remind myself that this was her first time playing and she's only 5. She has time to improve. Now she's onto soccer! FUN!

Well Sky Fans glad we got to catch up and touch base. Hope everyone is well and in good spirits. See you soon. God bless!

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