Inner Strength: Quietly, Cathrine Kraayeveld Keeps Getting Better

Seven-year WNBA veteran Cathrine Kraayeveld is a silent leader on the Chicago Sky. Although she is relentlessly striving to improve her game, she is seen but rarely heard.

“I have never been that much of a vocal leader, but I do feel like I lead by example by just working hard every day,” she says. “If someone needs help I’ll talk to them one-on-one. We do have a good mix of veterans who feel that being a leader is one of their strengths. But I just try to stick to what I feel like is my role in terms of leadership.” .

In addition to being a leader, Kraayeveld is well known in Sky nation for her rebounding and three-point shooting ability. However, she has spent time during the off-season fine-tuning other aspects of her game and perfecting the skills on which she has always relied. .

“If I do get a chance to be inside, I want to take advantage of that because it might not happen very often,” Kraayeveld says. “Just being able to have a couple of go-to moves that I can do and continuing to do the things that I’m most effective at.” .

Kraayeveld sees the off-season as an opportunity to continue to improve. .

“During off-season I always do a pretty good job of just working on my game as a whole. All of the different aspects I feel that I might be doing in a game, whether it being outside or inside, I want to make sure that I am constantly improving.” .

Letting your game stagnate is a recipe for failure in the WNBA. Along with other Sky veterans such as Dominique Canty and Erin Thorn, Kraayeveld has noticed the positive development of the league. .

“Girls are getting a lot stronger and quicker but I think that’s great because that is something that fans wants to see and we want to give that to them. Hopefully we can attract more fans with that. Even though we may not be dunking like the men, it is still a fun game to watch.” .

Kraayeveld acknowledges that the longevity of her career is due in part to passion and love of the game, characteristics which are prevalent on the Sky. .

“I just love it and it’s a great opportunity to be able to play in this league. So few people get the chance to play at this level and I’m just trying to take advantage of it while I can. It’s not going to last that much longer and you will have to get a real job eventually so you might as well play as long as you can and enjoy it.” .