Hoops with House 8

Hey Sky Fans!

WOW!... What an amazing way to start my latest trip! At DePaul for their come from behind 70-69 WIN… a HUGE W for Doug Bruno and crew… over Notre Dame, No. 7 in the country Notre Dame! That one will put the No. 11 Blue Demons solidly in the Top 10 in the country.


It was an amazing atmosphere in McGrath Arena… jam-packed the students were outstanding. Loud, supportive of their team. You have got to check out this video! Let’s round up all the DePaul students and bring them to All State for some Sky games this summer… you guys were a huge factor down the stretch in DePaul’s comeback. Down eight with 12 to go… 10 different lead changes! Outstanding finish… They did it all on senior night! Could you write a better ending to the home careers for Quigley, Chester, Threatt, Juergens and Naughton? No way. Good luck in Hartford and the NCAA’s Blue Demons!

Whew… if all the games I am seeing over the next few days (12 games in three days!) are like this one, I am going to be worn out. The travel alone will be enough…3,215 miles! I’m glad I am not driving this entire trip.

This is the start of one of the best times of the year… Conference and NCAA tournament time! DePaul, Notre Dame and every team at every level is trying to find a way to become a Champion.

The next four weeks will decide who the Champions will be. Could it be DePaul to knock off UConn?... Let’s look at five ways all of us can think like a Champion:


I try to meet and learn from Champions every single day.

I met Coach Chatman 10 years ago and she immediately impressed me as a Champion. Not just in regards to basketball, on the court, but in all she did.

Now I look for champions everyday in classrooms, hospitals, gyms, homes and office buildings. I’ve learned that to be a champion you must Think Like a Champion. Champions don’t think everyone else. They approach their life and work with a different mindset and belief system that separates them from the masses. We are going to work diligently to instill that mindset and belief system in your Sky team from day one.

1. Champions Expect to Win - When they walk on the court, on the field, into a meeting or in a classroom they expect to win. In fact they are surprised when they don’t win. They expect greatness and their strong positive beliefs often lead to positive actions and outcomes. They succeed in their mind first and then they succeed in the minds of their customers, students or fans. They expect success because they have sacrificed their personal agendas and goals for those goals of the team or organization. They have put in the work!

2. Champions Celebrate the Small Wins - By celebrating the small wins champions gain the confidence to go after the big wins. Big wins and big success happen through the accumulation of many small victories. This doesn’t mean champions become complacent. Rather, with the right kind of celebration and reinforcement, champions work harder, practice more and believe they can do greater things. Champions are never satisfied; they want people around them who aren’t satisfied. They get after it and go after it everyday!

3. Champions Don’t Make Excuses When They Don’t Win - They don’t dwell on the mistakes of others. They focus on what they can do better. They see their defeats as opportunities to improve. As a result they become tougher, smarter and harder to beat.

4. Champions Focus on What They Get To Do, Not What They Have To Do - They see their life and work as an opportunity not an requirement. They know that if they want to achieve a certain outcome they must commit to and appreciate the process. They may not love every minute of their journey but their attitude and will helps them develop their skill.

5. Champions Believe They Will Experience More Wins in the Future - Their faith is greater than their fear. Their positive energy is greater than any amount of negativity. They don’t allow negativity to enter the picture. Their certainty is greater than all the doubt. Their passion and purpose are greater than their challenges. In spite of their situation champions believe their best days are ahead of them, not behind them.

If you don’t think you have what it takes to be a champion, think again. Champions aren’t born. They are shaped and molded.

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