Hoops with House 16

Hey Sky Fans!...


How do you like my ride? Funny story behind the U-Haul… My family and I don’t really have that much stuff to bring, but little did I know that the Honda Civic… a great car… but I could not hook up a trailer and even just the two wardrobe boxes with my suits wouldn’t fit in it. So, I had to have the smallest U-Haul truck… a 10 footer. If I’m driving a truck, I still have to have my car in Chicago… thus the trailer to bring the car there.

Virginia to Chicago is almost 800 miles. Easy trip… get on 64 West and drive for 404 miles, make a right on 65 North and 398 miles later… Chicago! Easy.

I’m finally on my way! OUTSTANDING!

There is a busy week a head of us.

I hope to be able to get over to the training center Tuesday afternoon. A large portion of our training and practice supplies and gear has arrived! I hope to help Ann Crosby get some of it organized and ready for the weeks ahead. The next 3-4 weeks are going to fly by. We will be so busy with everything to get the players here, plan for training camp, start practice and begin to assemble the roster. This is easily the busiest time of the year for us.

Also, we will be conducting a couple of private workouts at our training center on Wednesday and Thursday. We are trying out a woman from India, the greatest female basketball player ever in the country’s history. I’m really looking forward to working with her. I have watched her on tape and have been very impressed with her ability. It will be fun to meet her and work with her in person.

On Friday, I am off again. This time I'll be headed to Atlanta to instruct at the Nike Skills Academy. Nike’s Ilene Hauser puts together 60 of the top underclassmen in the entire Southeastern part of the United States and a tremendous group of coaches headed by Women’s Basketball Hall of Famer former Auburn head coach Joe Ciampi. The #1 goal of the Nike Skills Academy is to educate these young athletes on the importance of improving their game - not just playing the games. We want to provide them with new techniques, drills and instill habits they can utilize to improve throughout the year.

We’ll be working at the Suwannee Sports Academy for three days and put them through some intense skill sessions. There are no college coaches, so there is no recruiting. The players can focus on development, improvement and learning without having to be in an evaluation setting. It is going to be a fantastic setting.

Next week I’ll hit you with a brief recap and some video if the opportunity arises.

We are even closer to our open try-out May 8th … and the start of training camp on May 15th. Coach Pokey and Christie will be back soon.

Talk to you soon!

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