Hoops with House 15

Hey Sky Fans!...

The 2011 WNBA Draft is in the books! What an amazing day!

Well… did we shock you with the #3 pick? I’m not sure that many of you knew what Pokey was working on behind the scenes, planning on during the months leading up to the draft.

Everyone was saying, “the Sky are going big” at number three. Well… we did go “BIG”, just not Big Forward. We made a BIG splash by drafting the Nation’s best collegiate point guard!

One opposing general manager called me and commented, “You guys just took the one player that every other one of us wanted.” That is a tremendous complement for Courtney, how hard she has worked and the type of player she has become.

Great point guards and leaders and great centers are what great teams are built on… Cousy – Russell, Magic – Kareem, Stockton – Malone… OK, Malone is a PF, you get my meaning.

As we inched closer and closer to our 2nd pick, #15 overall, we began to think both of the players we identified for our next two picks were going to be available…. Sure enough, at #15 we were able to select Carolyn Swords from Boston College. Carolyn has the unique distinction of shooting over 68% for her entire collegiate career… over 1,200 shots at nearly 70%! That’s unheard of at any level, let alone a major college, BCS level school. Carolyn’s defensive ability and shot blocking are a presence that also have to be contended with.

Almost immediately we had to be ready again. We only had to wait for Connecticut to pick at #16 before we were back on the clock… Again, keeping with Coach Pokey’s theme of putting skilled, versatile players who are committed to defense and rebounding on our roster… we were able to select Angie Bjorkland from the University of Tennessee to add and complement those players we already have. You’ve probably already guessed the theme of Pokey’s plan by now.

Three for Three! We were all very excited. It had already been a great day. We were almost certain that we were not going to be able to select the next player on our list with our #27 pick, but she was still on the board as we inched closer. No way would she be there, but Amy Jaeschke, our very own Chicago born and raised girl was there! Amy is a tremendously skilled player for someone 6’5. Amy is much more than your college center. Did you realize that Amy shot nearly 31% (16/52) on three’s her senior season? Almost 25% for her career? Most only view her as a center. Defensively, she is a center right now. As her game continues to evolve, you will see Amy improve her ability to play under the rim and away from the basket.

Her is another little tid-bit… Did you know that our owner, Michael Alter, and Amy went to the same high school?, New Trier High School. Our President and CEO, Adam Fox, also went to New Trier High School and the athletic director was his coach! That is good karma right there.

Now… the savvy draft prognosticators are all saying, “Coach, where is the power forward everyone was talking about in the draft?” Hold tight… you never know what Pokey is thinking or working on over there in Russia!

Get ready for our open try-out May 8th … and the start of training camp on May 15th. It’s right around the corner.

Talk to you soon!

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