Hoops with House 13

Hey Sky Fans!...

I wanted fill you in on several of the top prospects and some of the other prospects that might not be as well known, but have had exceptional careers.

This week let’s focus on the Big Forwards and Posts!

Big Forwards

Danielle Adams - Texas A & M
Danielle Adams is a player with great hands, size and remarkable agility for someone as strong as she is. Danielle has a very good skill set for a player of her strength. She can shoot threes, makes plays with her passing and has great hands. Her hands are a great asset to her defensively as she makes steals on post entries, off the dribble and defending at the high post. Danielle is more than a post who can score on the block and shoot the ball for range.

Jessica Breland - UNC
Jessica is an inspiration to us all as well as being a tremendous basketball talent. Her heart, determination and relentless approach to battling back from Hodgkin's lymphoma leaves little doubt that she will continue to evolve into an even better pro. Seeing her in previous years in the ACC, I think now her range is becoming even more consistent (24% on three’s), her ability to drive and finish from the high post is there and her offensive rebounding is very good at over 5 orpg. Defensively, Jessica contains dribblers well and rebounds the ball outside her area to initiate the break.

Victoria Dunlap - Kentucky
Victoria a multi-dimensional forward who excels on the offensive glass, at the high post and roaming along the baseline. Victoria has always been able to score, but what I was very impressed with was how she finished the season defensively and on the offensive glass. There was a stretch of eight games coming down the stretch where she averaged five offensive rebounds per game and had a combined 30 blocks and steals. Her quickness and active motor were really evident and will help her at the next level

Amber Harris - Xavier
Arguably the most athletically gifted and talented player in the draft… not saying she is better than any other player in the draft, just exceptionally talented and skilled. Amber does things on the basketball court that make you scratch your head and say…”Whoa, she just did that and she’s 6’5”.” Her combination of face-up skills, short – mid and long-range game, her rebounding ability and ball handling ability make her a defensive match-up problem every night. I coached DeLisha Milton-Jones in Washington and Amber has the same type of long, skilled build and combo of skills of both inside and outside players.

Kayla Pedersen - Stanford
Kayla is the best of both worlds in regards to a combination forward. She has proven she can defend the 2, 3, 4 and 5 positions. She has the offensive perimeter skills of a point guard, the post up moves and the willingness to initiate contact of a center and the ability to shoot the ball consistently for range of a wing. She’s the classic chameleon. Kayla’s basketball IQ seems very high, many times appearing to be two plays ahead of the action-taking place on the floor.


Liz Cambage - Australia
Liz is perhaps the worst kept secret in the draft. An agile and talented 6’8 post player and still only 19 years old. On the international scene, Liz is no secret. Liz emerged as one of the worlds best last year. Liz has the ability to run the floor, she has shown she can drive the ball from the high post and can finish around the basket. She will continue to get physically stronger as she trains, but already has a knack for blocking shots and rebounding in traffic.

Jantel Lavender - Ohio State
Jantel is one of the top five scorers in the country, top 20 in FG percentage and top 15 in rebounding. This season she demonstrated an ability to consistently knock down 15-17’ jump shots and drive the ball to the basket. At 6’4, she is a physical presence down low – shooting 55% from the field. She has yet to move her game out past the three-point line consistently (0 for 2 this season), but she is one of the players that doesn’t need to. At nearly two blocks per game, Jantel is a presence on the defensive end of the floor.

Ta’Shia Phillips - Xavier
Ta’Shia is a tremendous scorer and rebounder - #2 in the country at 12.5 rpg. What has sometimes been overlooked is her defensive ability, especially in blocking shots and defensive rebounding. Ta’Shia is one of those players that finds the ball off the backboard, rebounds out of her area and puts it back in before other players have realized it has happened. Around the rim she is almost unstoppable, she gets her defender deep under the basket and scores or gets fouled consistently.

Carolyn Swords - Boston College
Carolyn, like Ta’Shia, is a tall player who impacts the game on both ends of the floor. Swords is a shot blocker, ala Bill Russell, who keeps the ball in play – runs to the other end of the floor, catches and finishes – always keeping the ball high. She lead the Nation is FG percentage (72%) with this ability. She is one of the post players in the draft with a positive assist to turnover ratio, which is often very difficult to do when you are consistently being double-teamed. Carolyn will adjust to the speed of the WNBA game, it’s not like the ACC is a “slow” league.

Amy Jaeschke - Northwestern
Amy averaged over 20 ppg and nearly 10 rpg, while shooting 50% from the field and 78% from the line… all facets of her game that will translate well at the pro level. Amy is an intimidating defensive specialist because of her ability to block shots (over three a game) and defensive rebound. Amy also holds the low block with authority and can finish in traffic.

There you go Sky fans! You are all set for the draft. Email me if you have thoughts on any other prospects out there… I want to hear from you! See you soon, April 11th is right around the corner!

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