Hoops with House 12

Hey Sky Fans!...

Let’s take a break from all these great games (my bracket is shot by the way) and look 13 days down the road at the 2011 WNBA Draft! Year 15 in the WNBA! Can’t wait!

I wanted fill you in on several of the top prospects and some of the other prospects that might not be as well known, but have had exceptional careers.

My overall synopsis of this years draft class is it contains a great number of frontcourt players, but there is tremendous quality in the backcourt as well. Each of our 12 WNBA teams will have some talented prospects to choose from – even in the latter part of the first round and later rounds as well.

You’ll find that my summaries are in alphabetical order so you can’t read into how I have them placed! This week let’s focus on the back court – Point Guards and Wings!

Point Guards

Dawn Evans - James Madison
Dawn is a high energy, scoring point guard who is a tremendous person and leader. Her 23.1 ppg tied her for third in the Nation. Dawn has deep range and a motor that doesn’t quit. She is an inspiration to all as she has accomplished all this while battling focal segmental glomerular sclerosis (FSGS) and a great ambassador for NephCure. Dawn is fast and strong with the ball and possesses quick hands defensively.

Jeanette Pohlen - Stanford
Jeannette is a fierce competitor, a tenacious player and demanding leader for Stanford. She is a tall point guard; an exceptional shooter (over 40% on three’s and over 90% from the line) and can defend her position well. Defensively, Jeannette has shown her ability to guard multiple types of guards. She possesses an exceptional ability to create shots for her teammates and make those around her better players.

Danielle Robinson - Oklahoma
Danielle is one of the fastest players I have seen WITH THE BALL. She is faster with the ball than many point guards are when they are running WITHOUT the ball. She attacks the basket with fire and with her scoring and passing abilities (averaging over 18 ppg and 5 apg) make Danielle a double threat any time she is on the floor. Then there is that speed on defense as well. Yikes. Her three point range is evolving (5 of 18 28% this season), when that is 35% and above… look out.

Jasmine Thomas - Duke
It’s really a neat thing for me personally, as I recruited Jasmine out of Oakton HS (VA) while coaching at Virginia, to see Jasmine have such a great career. “Neat”… or just me getting old! Obviously, I did not recruit well enough as she went to Duke and has had a spectacular career. Jasmine always had great leadership ability, was a tenacious defender and could attack the rim to score. She has enhanced all that while increasing her range and her ability to get to the FT line and to finish with contact.

Courtney Vandersloot - Gonzaga
Courtney has the special combination of making the players around her better, her own ability to score as well as creating many shot opportunities for her teammates. Courtney is a gifted passer with tremendous court vision. She is the only male or female player in NCAA history to record 2,000 points and 1,000 assists. That says it all.

Wings (Both 2’s & 3’s)

Kachine Alexander - Iowa
Kachine is a guard that can get out and fill the lane, create shots for others, score in transition and run a team. She’s a “triple threat” type of player, as well as being a player that can defend the 1, 2 and 3 positions. Perhaps one of the things that has impressed me the most is Kachine’s ability to rebound the basketball from the guard spot… she averages nearly 10 rebounds a game – over six offensive rebounds per game.

Angie Bjorkland - Tennessee
Angie is a tall wing-guard with a quick release. A player with catch & shoot ability that is also exceptional at reading defenses, coming off screens and knocking down shots. Angie is a 46% three-point shooter, but also has a 67:40 assist-to-turnover ratio. Any time you have a “positive” assist to turnover ratio, it is a good thing. The higher the assist-to-turnover ratio (2-to-1, 3-to-1, etc…) the better.

Maya Moore - UConn
What hasn’t been said of Maya Moore’s game? She is such a special player and person in all facets… offense, defense, leadership, competitiveness, and toughness… She has it all. There is little doubt she will just continue to improve, be great and help her next team achieve great things. Perhaps one of the few things she has not faced yet… In August, after she’s played 20 professional games, on the heels of 34+ college games, she’ll enter into a stretch of three games in five nights, two of them on the road. On top of that, she will get every team’s best defender every night. That is challenging for every player and rookie, the transition to the type of schedule, the grind and going through it for the very first time. It won’t surprise me if Maya takes it in stride and tears that challenge up as well.

Liz Repella - West Virginia
Liz is another of the knock down, catch & shoot player in the 2011 draft. With her size and defensive ability she can play on either wing and guard both 2’s and 3’s. I especially like Liz coming off screens as well as her ability to get herself to the FT line. Liz showed improved ability to handle the ball vs. pressure and pass in traffic. Liz will surprise some people with her range, toughness and overall play.

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