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Hello again, Sky Fans! Itís me, Elizabeth! I am here at the Chicago Sky office again! Iím here with Bri and Aaliyah. Also with us once again are Michelle Henstock, her intern (Carter), and Janelle Romero from the Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago & Northwest Indiana ! If you didnít already know Bri, Aaliyah, and I are Girl Scouts and we are here helping the Sky staff plan the 2011 Girl Scout Night!

Today we put a lot of papers into a lot of envelopes! To be more specific we put a Chicago Sky fact sheet, a job description, an information sheet about the event, a game schedule, a map of the arena, a WNBA fact sheet, credentials, a survey, and really, really, really, really small pencil into an envelope. The envelope has the girlís name and job on the front and will be given to each girl as they arrive! This took a while and a lot of copies to do this but its very important to ensure the girls are prepared when they do their jobs on Saturday!

In addition to that we also wrote an E-Newsletter and wrote this blog! The E-Newsletter included information about Girl Scout Night. This newsletter will be emailed to Girl Scouts and their families.

We had to make credentials for each girl and laminate them to go in their information packets. Whenever we are in the Allstate Arena we must wear a credential so that Allstate Arena staff, ushers and security know who we are!

My journey to the Sky was a lot different today. I walked to the train and got off at Union Station. I met my aunt there and we walked to her office (US Bank) were I sat and ate lunch. Then I walked to the Water Taxi which I took across the river to the Sky office. It was a long journey but it was worth it because I really enjoyed working here with the Sky staff!

This is my last blog from the Sky office because this is our last meeting together, but I will write another blog after the big game this Saturday! Thatís right the game is THIS SATURDAY!

I am excited about game day! I am working as the Kids Table Craft Assistant! I picked this job because I feel, being a part-time babysitter, full-time older sister, I can handle kids and they are also a lot of fun! I also LOVE crafts! In fact I researched crafts to do with the kids today as well!

Tickets are still on sale and I did you know that some of the money from every registration will be donated back to Girl Scouts! Please support the Girl Scouts and the Sky!

I am extremely sad that my job here at the Sky is almost over and I hope that this opportunity will be open to me and my fellow Girl Scout Night Planners in the future!

If you are a Sky fan then you can follow your favorite player on Facebook and Twitter - @wnbachicagosky, and visit the Chicago Sky website, http://www.wnba.com/sky/ to keep up with the players and the team! Also keep a lookout for my next blog after Saturdayís game!

Thanks for reading. And thank you for supporting both The Chicago Sky and The Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana!