Fowles's Final Four Blog

Part 2

Wow, Euro League Champions again! I am so thankful that we were able to come together and focus when we needed it most and get two huge wins this weekend in Spain. Last time I checked in with you was right before we took on Ekaterinburg in the semifinal. We had to really be strong to get that win as we were getting knocked around a lot down in the post and they have so many talented players that there was no chance to relax. I had a good game and was able to record a double-double finishing with 14 points and 12 rebounds. Diana balled for us and ended up scoring 37 points, she was just awesome and it certainly was something to see. Ekat is loaded with great players such as Cappie Pondexter, Candace Parker, Sandrine Gruda, Deanna Nolan and Ann Wauters but we weathered everything they threw at us and earned our spot in Sundayís Championship game.

Saturday we spent resting and recovering (some of us were pretty banged up after the semi final) and we also had a light practice, and then before we knew it Sunday was here and we were taking the court against the home team, Ros Casares. It was really loud and there was a huge crowd, but today wasnít to be my day. It was great to see J-Mac (Janel McCarville) step up with 20 points and 13 boards and once again Diana amazed everyone pouring in 29 points to give us an 87-80 win.

This is Spartak's fourth consecutive Euro League Championship and the second I have been a part of. After everything we have endured this year, it was a wonderful way to end the season. Now it's time to switch gears for me as we finish out our season in Russia. Then I can head home and prepare for our move into our new home back in Chicago, the Allstate Arena. I canít wait to get into those new locker rooms and see our Sky court laid down there. I hope all of you will be out there to watch my teammates and I on May 22 when we take on the '09 Eastern Conference Champion Indiana Fever.

Part 1

Hi Sky fansÖ.it's Big Syl coming to you all the way from Valencia, Spain where we are about to begin the Euroleague Final Four. I wanted to check in and say hello and fill you in on our preparation for one of the biggest games of our season tomorrow when we take on Ekaterinburg in the semifinal.

We have been working real hard at practice over the last couple of weeks and on the way to Valencia we stopped in Madrid for a friendly game which we won. Arriving in Madrid was great as the weather is considerably warmer here in Spain than back in Russia. Since settling in Valencia we have begun to practice and watch some film and we truly feel that if we can lock in, focus and be on the same page we can get this important win. Although we beat Ekat in our last meeting so we know they will be ready for us tomorrow!

Anyway, I am looking forward to getting to know the new draft picks when we start camp and donít forget to check back in tomorrow for results from our game!